Taking a step back, to the past.

A lot has changed right? New friends, new stress, new recreations, new responsibilities, new love?, new challenges. But yeah, even though, there’s nothing new.

To be honest, I really, REALLY miss what was once the complete Barakos. :) It was simple. Nothing to think of, nothing to do much. It was always the time when after the class we just have to eat our lunch together. I WAS CONTENTED, and I guess WE WERE CONTENTED. But enough ’bout that, it’s yer day. :)

Let’s just celebrate. \m/

Shannel Mendoza Alano,

Lemme start with a big SORRY. Not enough? Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to mean that. :) I guess we really grew apart a bit. First from not waiting till today in having a new group. Forgive me, I just like having new friends, I didn’t have this much friends when I was high school, so I am overwhelmed. But they are just friends. They wouldn’t compare to how close we are. :> And you also were busy on your part. Actually I did sulk a bit when you got into those organizations. “Nice, no more time to bond.” And believe me, from there, I had a hard time to bond with you. In class, I don’t want to bother you ’cause you’re studying. Outside, I don’t even see you. :)) Then Renz went away, and Pons and Jaro got close that I felt out of place. You know what happened. But that ended around before finals. I guess, lemme catch up. I can say this still, nothing’s changed. :> :)

19 years old

Eww, old. :| Haha, you’re growing old but ain’t growing in height. =)) Jk.

I have to congratulate you. You are the best person I have ever met. Balancing everything in the very palm of your hands. I know it’s tough, but you’re strong. Yes, you are. :) Don’t worry, there’s so much people loving you, including me. And we will always be here for you.


Thank you for one thing… Being yourself. And that’s why I love you. Don’t never ever change. I’ll cry if you do. :| Thank you for being there for me and caring about what I do. Ever since I got into college, the most love I got from people was yours. I felt it, and I will never exchange it for anything in this world. You will always be my sister, block mate, first girl friend (in college), best friend, and of course FAMILY.

I wish you all the best this year. No more crying, no more stress. Oh wait, that’s impossible. Maybe less stress. :)) More blessing, more birthdays! (with parties >:) haha) More opportunities (but don’t leave us), and more happiness! :D

I will always be here for you Shannel, let’s catch up. I have a lot to tell you, and I think you do too. Stay beautiful, god bless and I love you. >:D< :)

Good luck to both of you! :)