July 25, 2011

Day after day, night after night.

Nothing to compare but a light shining bright.

My eyes are fixed, only one I could see.

A man by your side is what all I want to be.

And though the fire had just begun.

No rain, no storm, or both the run.

Can extinguish the feeling from fate and hope.

It will move, it will spread in linear or slope.

I am not that experienced, this is all still new.

Yes I’ve loved at the past, but only to a few.

And coming across you, my heart had plead.

So I’m doing my best, for you indeed.

I’m not a perfect soul, motives aren’t that sweet.

I’m just following my heart that just beats so discreet.

But mind you no I’m sincere into what I do show.

I love you, I do, and that’s all I want you to know.