Three Strikes from the Past.

August 7, 2011. 5:30pm-7pm.


Sometimes in life we meet someone who we instantly think is the one.

And moving through the days we would realize it wasn’t.

How many times has that happened to you?


I believe everything in life is a mere stepping stone

to the glory of who you will be in time.

And I’m sick of waiting for that day.

But still, I take chances, ’cause no one is

really that sure, right?


There’s something about the people I meet that magnets me to them.

Maybe the similarities, the humor, the sincerity

of each.

And one person of each has stoked my

desires of asking something more than friendship can show.


The time when love died 3 years ago, I was famished.

I didn’t know where to go from there.

And destiny just happens.

For one day, the girl that I had a crush on the first day in my college

year has suddenly become more close to me.

I always hope for the best,

but we have to still expect the worst.


We were best friends.

It wasn’t the best thing for her as she said.

It might break the group when comes a time that we fight.

But then again, I still wanted it to work.

But it really can’t.

Strike one.


I thought it was going to end there, but then I met..

the Volleyball girl.

The whole run of my P.E. class was the only time I had

the chance to talk to her. And by golly, I didn’t even talk to her that much.

So when the semester was over, I’ve had my first regret yet.


Then I met Stargirl. ย She was really a 10.

Out of my league.

But I had to try right? :)

I did my best, and hoped that everything will be in it’s place.

It did actually, in favor of her.

As because she liked someone else.

Boooo~ Yeah, you could say that.

But she was the one who shook my esteem, and I started

feeling good about myself.

But still, it’s a failure.

Strike two.


I have met someone from the Mr./Ms. IT pageant.

And she was liked by my best friend.

And as a bro, I did leave her be.

I did have a little crush on her, but I don’t want to declare.


So one semester flew away again, coming out from another heartbreak.

And then my (not)biological sister

suddenly speaks of a girl that I knew.

I learned that was her best friend when they were in high school.



I don’t know really, but when I was invited to her 19thย birthday

I had mixed emotions.

Well, I liked her yeah, but something kept me from falling.

Her surname. Ha-ha.

I wish I knew the background of her family

so it wouldn’t be this scary.

Because what if we really became together,

and then suddenly they tell me..

“Erick, she is related to you.”


But then again, I did not quit.. For the time being.


I started courting? I guess.

But there came a time where the ignoring game was I think set to the easy difficulty.

I got ignored.

For the more, even as I was close.

That’s when I decided, this wasn’t going somewhere.

I stopped.

Strike three.

There you go. Three strikes.

And when a heart is broken, Fate brings you another.


Remember the girl my best friend liked? Well.

There came a time that I declared.

And I was happy.. for a while.

Until me and my bro fought for weeks.

It didn’t like the idea,

but I’m a person. I make mistakes. I fall in and out of love.

I really like this girl.

Her bubbly personality never fails to make you laugh.

Her presence around gives

a humorous aura, where people tend to laugh more often.

She is beautiful.

No doubt about that.

And she was unpredictable.

One of the things that magnets me to her.

Everyday is an adventure.

And I wish someday, that adventures,

I can experience, with just the two of us. :)


Everything in life happens for a reason.

And whatever the reason,

I love you. :)

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