How I Met Your Mother.

Everything happens for a reason.

But some reasons are better left unknown.

Let me tell you the story.. of how I met your mother.

(HIMYM Opening Clip)


It was at class. Room 49, the biggest room there is in the Engineering. Me and my mates picked another section. And although it was kinda awkward, everything went into it’s own place.

You know kids, when your dad liked someone, it was impossible for him to fall, or even look at another girl. So your mom, well we didn’t hang that– nay we didn’t even talk that much. Why? Because someone was on my mind that moment. And her name was Hanna.

Hanna was a solid 10 for me. Although I always have known that she was out of my league, I also always had the heart to try and win her heart. And so it began.

So days have passed and came the pageant. Mr and Ms. IT. Yeah kids, I was in a pageant, be proud of me!.. (awkward silence w/ kids looking at me one eyebrow up) okay, back to the story.

Your mom was there too, of course, your mom is awesome. Although we didn’t win, ’cause the competition can’t handle 2 awesome’s as candidates, they disqualified us. And we were about to wi—

(Son/&Daugther: Oh c’mon Dad!)

Okay, okay.. Well we didn’t win. Why? Because we weren’t partners, what up? And then the story goes a long way after that. But then again as I’ve told you, my eyes were on another girl, so I can’t really become close to anyone else.

For 2 semesters, the struggle had continued until what the hell. I gave up. It was meaningless. Sometimes kids you have to give your all, but always leave some for yourself. So you will always know when you’ve had enough.

When I stopped doing stuffs for Hanna, I started to become open again. And it went on and on until I missed the feeling. Doing something special for a person. And then I met again my volleyball classmate, Kamille.

I had a big crush on her. I don’t know why, but girls with braces are extremely hot for me. And so I went on texting her for a while. And for sometime, I was invited at her 19th birthday. I thought that was the day everything would take a big step. But then again, I was wrong. After some weeks, she started ignoring me, until I knew, it wasn’t going to work. Thus, ending another chapter of my life.

And though it would end there. Come my year as a 3rd year college student, I met again your mom, but now, as in meet and talk.

Funny story, sometimes, you’ve been seeing the same person somewhere, somehow. But when you think of that person long enough, you would really find out the true meaning of that person for you. And your mother, was just extremely special to me.

I was hesitating at first. Was it true? Was it too fast? What will happen if she finds out? We’re in the same section, what if she doesn’t like the idea? What if she dumps me right at that very moment and decides to never talk to me again till eternity? :| I’ve had so many stuffs going through my mind that time. But one thing’s for sure. I have a thing for your mom. And although those situations above didn’t happen, there are stuffs that happened w/c are way worse. More to that later.

So her best friends (who knew what I felt for your mother) took the truth out of my. How? Alcohol. We went to get a drink. And sure thing after a couple of shots, it was out of the box.

Who is your current heartbeat?


Yes kids, she was. I really had feelings for your mom. And the time that I held her hand, for the first time, made me feel in place. But it wasn’t that perfect. I remembered my best friend, Michael. He also liked your mom. And yes, we fought about that.

After 3 weeks of struggling, we tried to reconnect again. Me and my best friend. But I’ll never give up your mom kids. I know what I feel for her.

Not every person has their heartwarming story of meeting the person they love, but everybody has their own unique stories.

I never regretted anything kids. Your mom is great. She’s beautiful, she’s bubbly, she’s caring, and yes, she’s just awesome. I feel like when I see her, I am going on an adventure to w/c I’m not sure what will happen. She’s unpredictable. But I always look forward to everyday that I’m gonna spend with her, even with or w/o the gang. She never fails to make me laugh, to make me feel good inside, to teach me how to love. I feel at my best when your mother is there, even if we really aren’t together.

(Son/&Daughter: What?)

Yes, I like your mom. But it’s still one-sided. I am expecting the worst, but I still hope that someday, she’ll feel the same thing I have for her. And like at the first part, everything happens for a reason. There’s a reason why things didn’t turn out well from the past. To give way for the present. And as these situations come and go, I don’t want to find reason for it. Let it be, let it surprise me. Because frankly, I’m loving the stuffs happening. If it weren’t for those, I would have never met your mother.

Kids. I love your mom. She’s the best girl I could ever imagine. And she’s the only one in my mind. And well guys, I think she’s the one. :)


(HIMYM Closing Credits)


August 8, 2011.


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