Words to live by.

“You don’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need.”

Words to live by, or song to be stuck in your head for days. Your brain’s choice. ;)


What does it take for a person to fall in love?


Attraction? Hmm, it might be silly for others, might always look like just infatuation. But could it be just like a stepping stone? Maybe, or maybe not.


Chemistry? The same hobbies, same interests, same stories, almost the same? Is that how it goes? When you’re exactly like the other person, is that a reason to fall?


Necessity? When you need the person, should it be the grounds to fall?


Personality? Sounds way better than the others, right? The way the person is. SometimesΒ endearing, vulnerable, and mutual.


And then you fall.. Are you sure she will catch you? Positive? Well if the answer is yes, don’t hold them back. If not, give me the highest of five! :D


I like a girl. And from the points above, personality was the closest. But not entirely the main reason, I think. There’s just something in her, or in how I perceive her, that from there on, I gave in.


There’s nothing wrong in giving in guys, it’s normal. But first you have to be sure of your feelings. When I met that girl, I didn’t exactly went for her like some lighted firework. It was at first blankly normal. And by the time we were a bit closer, I realized. Wow, this is the girl.


When this happens, you’re in cloud nine almost everyday. :) Why almost? We’ll get to that later on. When you fall for someone, what happens?


You suddenly feel like the world is a great place (it isn’t), every person you see seems nice (they aren’t), and everything will work out just fine (it doesn’t/&not always). You become happier. You’re motivated, you’re inspired. But why just almost?


In this event, there are some things you have to pitch in your mind before you truly fall, or maybe even after you do fall for this someone. Saves some hurt from the matter. It summarizes as..


Expect the worst, but always hope for the best.” Apply it.


The girl I like, she’s so awesome, I have some competition for her. One of these are my best friend. And far as I know, he’s my competition. But judging from how many friends this girl has. Oh god, I think it would be a big competition.


Expect the worst.

Think of the what if’s. Every failing moment. i.e. the other person (your competition) is favorable in getting a yes more than you despite your efforts. It happens, accept it. Yeah cry, but move on. Not only with competitions, there is also one worst case scenario where the girl leaves you in the friendship line. She can’t move it beyond that. Sucks though, but you have to accept it, and move on. You will have a few (or a lot) of days hurting/crying but life goes on. But despite all of these,


Always hope for the best.

Just hope, don’t assume. You’ll get hurt. Try you best, you won’t lose anything. Maybe time, or money, but I tell you, it’ll all be worth it. Loving is one of the best things you can do in life (for me). Just love, and hope to be loved in return. You might get a few (or a lot) of heartbreaks here and there. But when time gives it to you, yes, it’s perfect. :)


So this special girl, I always hope (currently) for the best thing that may happen. But sincerely, I’m happy to be close to her. Though she’s not that ready for a relationship, I promised myself that I would never leave her side no matter what. I will wait until she’s ready. Come what may and come what decision she makes, I’ll accept it. ‘Cause that’s just how life goes. You may ask why her? I’d rather not say, don’t want no more competition bro. ;)


You may, or may not get what you want. But for sure, you’ve had one heck of a moment proving yourself. Kudos to everyone who has done that. You are to be looked upon to. :)


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