La Vita è Bella.

We just finished watching the movie La Vita è Bella (Life is Beautiful) a while ago at our SCL class. It was 2 parts actually, before the preliminary period, then after.

It was a story about a man so sweet, caring, loving, a perfect father who saved his son from certain death. It all started from a guy. He was an outgoing, kind and optimistic man.

On the first part, he met her woman by destiny. He called her his princess. But instead of going on a date, fate just keeps pulling them together, despite the girl having a fiance. But in the end, he wins her heart. They also had a child. Part 2 was the holocaust.

Jews were brought to a jail-like place on which they were forced to work. But the protagonist was with his child, and his wife also was there even if she wasn’t a Jew. He told his son that the reason they were there was because it was a game, and they have to win it by earning 1000 points. He tried his best to explain to his son of the game, and even had his chance of telling his beau how much he loves her through different actions. Until one day, the men started killing the people in one by one.

And as the protagonist cares for his family so much, he explained to his son that it was the last part of the game, and him staying hidden in one place will give them the points for the awesome prize which was a tank. But of course it was actually for the kid’s life. He knew it was gonna come to him. As his son hid, he disguised himself as a girl and went to the part where the girls are and went to see his wife. And there, he was caught. He was shot in an alley. But the kid and his mother lived.

It was a very sad and inspiring story. And I’ve missed my dad after that movie. He works overseas, at Japan. Working for me, and it just makes me sad.

Don’t worry Pa, I’m gonna finish my studies for you. I miss and love you. :)

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