August 16, 2011.

There are two things that attracts me to girls. Number one, and the highest, braces. Why do girls with braces look too beautiful? :O Number two, white complexion. There you go.


I’ve told you a lot about my past likes. And I can say from the past, I think I really got it. :) Got what? Lemme explain.


The first girl I ever liked at school, had white complexion. The second girl, same thing. The third, the girl had braces. :”> The fourth had both. Like, oh my god. ;) Each one of them, had one/two things that attracted me to them that gave me another reason to fall. And where did that go for me? Ha ha.


But this time, it’s different. When I remembered what Rohn Jave asked me back at our NSTP. What attracts me the most about girls. I answered those two. And while beside her a while ago, I realized that she didn’t have both, but I am still into her besides that fact. With non-withering feelings.


That is called the exception. Someone you didn’t expect. A surprise. A revelation. And although it’s a flash, they are more reliable. ‘Cause, they are your true feelings. We have this barrier around us that let’s us like only/more the people who passed our visual requirements in partner hunting. But we shouldn’t really enclose ourselves to those requirements. Love is like lightning, when it strikes, it strikes, no matter what.


She didn’t have both of what I expected, but she was way more than who I expected. Nothing can beat that. And judging from my feelings, I’ve never felt something true like this in my life. It’s inspiring. She’s inspiring. She’s my motivation. She’s my goal.

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