August 19, 2011.

Even if you try to think and believe that nothing will go wrong this day, there comes a time everything will fail. It’s a sad day for me guys.


I pushed myself to believe that everything could work out fine with me and my best friend. I tried to still be myself around him, and even played jokes while around them. And I never thought it would be something that will trigger the pain inside me.


My best friend often volunteers in grabbing me to go with him in a million places, and regardless of the distance I come, as long as I had the time. But a while ago, the birthday of his mother. I wanted to come, and I decided to tell him, but the time I said it, he didn’t tell his mom that I wanted to, and I just shot an okay look. But it is actually painful. More over, he and the girl I like, was out with each other for like almost all afternoon. I felt a bit jealous, but who am I to feel like that. So I did not mind it much. Until the time he went home.

I was alone at my seat. And suddenly the feelings started growing inside me. I actually cried for a while, and then I went outside.. Sat down outside the room of my next class. I tried to be normal, but people just knew what I was feeling. It was obvious, even with our professor.


I needed someone to listen to me for a while. But not all stayed. Except, her. Yes, I opened up to her. I thought it would be awkward, but it wasn’t. She was the one who stayed. And she made me feel better after that. I’m falling every single day..


Thanks Rika. You’re the best. I love you. :) <3


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