Fear of Heights

I have this fear, and this fear encompasses all of my other fears. And I don’t know how I got it, because in the family, I was the only one afraid of heights.


It did become a big factor when I was growing up. For instance, every time I was strolling the mall, I can never look below, even if I was just at the second floor. A sensual feeling just creeps up to my feet and my body starts to shake. I feel like anytime I will fall down, and it scares me to death. I have been this kid ever since, and look at me now, a third year college student. When you drag me to great heights, I still feel that thing that just makes me close my eyes, until everything is over. I have never ever tried going to high places, unless I think it’s fun. Like the Jungle Log Jam at Enchanted Kingdom. That was the only time I volunteered to ride without hesitation. Although yeah I was scared, I managed to think my way out through it. I can’t remember how but I did it.


But there are some places I’d go, or rides I’ll try without much hesitation, provided that some one is there when I do it. How? Example. Me and my friends are talking about going to Enchanted Kingdom, and I was like, yeah sure, it’s great there. Until some one mentioned the Space Shuttle. One look at the Space Shuttle, a portion of me died if ever I thought I was going to ride that. And they kept begging I should ride it. But there was some one there that made me feel confident that I can. And yes, you guessed it right it’s Rika. And so yes, I agreed, but when will that be, a long time I suppose. Then last Sunday, we were at Star City, (complements to the show Tatlong Kwento ni Lola Basyang, which was awesome by the way) they all wanted me to ride the Star Flyer. At first I was like whaaaaaat?! No. You’re kidding me right? No way. But then again she wanted me to ride too. And when she asked, it’s like the fear suddenly subsided.


All the time that I was in the long line, I didn’t feel that scared. ‘Cause I know she was there. I remembered the moment when we were about to go and fall in line, while walking, I noticed Rika wasn’t around. I stopped that time and told my buddy Sam “Sam, asan si Rika? di ako sasakay dun kung wala si Rika.” Then we wen’t back to where we left the group and found out that one of our mates were leaving. And so the story continues. After like 2 hours of waiting, we were finally in front of the line. They pushed me more so I will be in front, but I just walked my way to the front seat, while Sam was beside me (I was shy to ask Sam and Rika, but I wanted Rika to be the one beside me), and the ride started… Then it ended. The first words I muttered were “Onga, bitin nga.” Then Sam said, “Sabe ko sa’yo eh!” Ha ha.


And there I was conquering my fear. Oh and yeah we had pictures of those. You could see from the picture how scared I was from the ride, but I realized halfway, it was fun. Here’s to me a step closer to conquering my fear. :D Star FlyerΒ βœ“. Space Shuttle (*GULP!*)Β βœ—. :)

2 thoughts on “Fear of Heights

  1. moonlight214 says:

    Ayiee. :-) I did not plan to wait for Star Flyer. Good thing you are now slowly conquering your fear. Goodluck with that! :-)

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