Parallel Universe

Sometimes I wonder how I do in my Parallel Universe. Many-worlds, that branch out from the different choices we have to make every single minute. Hmm, keeps me thinking if I am a lot better than the other me.


For starters, would me there had been a rebel in my family? Hmm, if not, I am a good child there. Ha ha. Always following orders of my parents, not giving a damn what they want me to do. I might be better that way if you think about it. Me here is like, “Could you do this?” -Mom. “Eh, later.”-Me. Until I forget to do it. And I have secrets to keep. It’s fun for me here, I don’t know why.


Next, would me there be studying well? ‘Cause me here is like floating somewhere else. I always wondered if I can become a Dean’s Lister here. But I think I have a higher probability there. But then again who knows? I think I can make it here, and I hope so. :)


Then, would me there be the same musician as I am here? Would I take up Conservatory of Music instead of BS Information Technology? Hmm, I’d like to see how far me there can go in that branch of decision. I’ve always wanted to study that course, but the way I see it, I can earn more from this course, which is BS IT.


Next, I have this lingering feeling inside that sometimes tells me to be an actor and of course a singer. I always watched different shows and sitcoms, and sometimes I wondered, what if I was to act that certain scene. I tried acting time and time when no one is looking, ’cause I was shy. But there’s like something inside me, that wants to come out, maybe someday, if something or some one could trigger it. Singing is my hobby, it’s au naturel. And singing every song like I was in the music video, or even at a big stage is one of my dreams in life. Could me there have done well in this branch? :)


Lastly, the love branch. I think me there has a girl already, to love and to care for. Just like me here. But then again, who? Ha ha. The possibilities are endless when it come to thinking of this. We could meet any person with just the slightest of change in decisions. Talking a shortcut, going at the mall, picking the right resto to eat at, etc. It’s unpredictable. I wonder if me there has met the people I have met in this world. Especially the people I am close to today. :)


If me there hasn’t met Rika there, oh God. He sucks. Yeah, hear me out Erick there. :)) You suck if you haven’t met Rika. She’s truly awesome. :)


In conclusion, it doesn’t really matter what decisions you make everyday, as long as you know it is right. ‘Cause even though you’ve made bad decisions, the results of these sometimes give you the reason to see how wonderful life is and how destiny works. I may not be a celebrated person in this world, but having the people around me, friends, family, and her, just makes everything seem so complete and perfect. I can never ask for more. Bring it on life. :)

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