Motivationl Post #4

Every single moment. This isΒ a habit for me.


Playing the scenes in my head

Ha ha, every scene I can think of. Hilarious, corny, cheesy, etc. scenes. For example, how I will tell someone I love her. A scene flashes in my head. It may be good, bad or neither. But mostly scenes that favor me. I know it looks sad, but sometimes I need it. Life kicks me too hard in the nuts, it keeps me sane picturing this scenes because it MAY really happen. :)

Practicing the things I want to say

Well, practice makes perfect right? And yeah, not everything I need to say comes at night, so sometimes I am off guard. People say we should think before we talk, well I agree, but sometimes, the first thing that comes to your mind is the most honest reply/idea you could say, so most of the times, I talk off the bat. Practice is good in some things, not all.

Having endless “What If’s”

What if this, what if that. This is always the highlight of my night, nay, midnight till morning. Why? Everyday, I really have endless what if’s going through my mind. Sometimes, it becomes my dream and I steer to the good things that may happen. But mostly, it keeps me up awake all night or midnight long. It sucks really. When I want to sleep by 12am, I sleep really 2am. Worst scenario? I don’t sleep at all. That’s the impact of the what if’s I think about everyday. It’s a habit that I can’t get out of my system. We are all unsure in life, and I wish some people can relate to this.

Making plans for the next day

Yeah I do, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. It is kinda great if you could reach your goal for the day. Finishing a task or a plan, but it’s okay to become unpredictable sometimes. I am not, but I tend to befriend people with different personalities so my days become like getting a set of numbers at the lotto, very random.

Thinking of all the people I miss

100% true. Combined with having endless what if’s, meaning sleepless nights, I always think about the people I miss. From the people I haven’t seen since high school to the people I haven’t seen for like 3 hours? Ha ha. And most of the time, by 2am-5am, if I’m still awake, I text the people I miss. No man is an island, very true.

Thinking of all the ones I hate

Well, kinda. I don’t really hold grudges to anyone. You may get me mad but in a while it’ll be all gone. There’s no room for hate in my vocabulary. And we have little time to really have fun in life, I don’t want to show hate to anybody. I find it useless. After a while though, because the time I get mad is like hell for a moment. :))

Asking myself a lot of questions

Do you think I’m crazy if I do that? Ha ha. For me it’s normal. Well, of course it doesn’t look like I’m talking to myself. I just verbally ask questions to the air and answer it in my mind. Ha ha. Okay, I look crazy, but what the hell. I don’t know why, but yeah that’s a habit too. :)

Humor me

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