September 23, 2011.

We always plan here and there, about our future, out goals, our success. But remember this guys, not everything revolves around you. Always stop and take time to look, learn, and realize what’s going on around the world. ‘Cause not a thing you do to yourself will change anything. It’s a group job, that starts with yourself.


Sure you can fire up the fireworks of your mind and set it real fierce, but the burning passion you seek will always be overshadowed by the present events happening. Not everything you plan will happen. Not everything you see afar will be the same when you see near. You have to be adaptive, quick and perceptive about the things around you. Change is inevitable, and everything changes every millisecond. Yes, not second, but millisecond, that’s how fast the world revolves. So keep your ideas simple but open. And keep your values traditional, but understanding. And you’ll see, everything will fall into place, with everyone’s plans never going out of place.

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