On my mind?

What’s on your mind? The words shown in you status field before you type in anything on Facebook. An everyday eye-opener to realize where are you in life. You? What’s on your mind? How great your day is? How much you missed someone? How far could you plan for tomorrow? A lot can go through someone’s mind in seeing those 4 words. *type something* then *click post*, and there you have it, your status. Is it actually what’s on your mind? Why is it on your mind? Why do you want the people in your Facebook to see it? Would you want a lot of people to like it? Comment on it? Ignore it? Reasons are behind everything, but sometimes the reasons stay put to the people who post it. But as far as I know, statuses having a lot of words (or paragraphs) look too bogus, that’s why they are kept short with mystery. That’s how it captures the eyes of other people. But if we could say what’s on our mind every time, it would be kinda like a diary. But anyhow, it would really be meeting what it really needs to look like.

What’s on my mind? Hmm. First and foremost, finals. I really hope for the best that I don’t get any low/failing grades. I may have become too comfortable, so now I face the truth. Is it gonna be awful or awesome? I’ll find out soon. Next is next semesters Thesis Proposal. I need to find group mates quick, before I get to be the kid who has no group again, or the kid that no group wants. Gotta find one soon. Next is Sam’s look to me. I know what that means, and I know what he means. I don’t know if it’s a no, but the hell why do I smile whenever we begin to talk about it. Yes, I have moved on, but no, I don’t know. I have a lot to think about before I jump and try to court another girl. I suppose for me it’s too soon, but I don’t know really. It bothers me. Next is what do I do this sembreak! Ha ha. I have been doing nothing since the start of the semester, now it ends. I have no money this sembreak how will I ever make it. :| Next is this fat on me. Oh god, I need to go on a diet. I know it won’t end as planned, but yes, I WILL GO ON A DIET.. *gulp* Lastly, will be my next blog. I had a unexpected question thrown to me a while ago by Aira. And it bugged me when I got home. I will write/type it soon enough.

There it is. If ever everyone will live up to the question “What’s on your mind?” and answer it truthfully, I will post that. And then tomorrow, it might be the same, or not. Everyone would have like a telepathic power because they know what is REALLY on your mind. Could be great, or not. But one thing’s for sure, you are going to be loved for who you are, because whatever thing that comes out there, your friends, family and (if ever) your significant other will understand you more.

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