P: Eto ang pinaka ayaw ko eh

E: Ang?

P: Having to end a good conversation.


Clearly it is. Pauiie and I had a great conversation 2 days ago. It was the first time we ever shared anything with each other and then secrets flew out of the closets. :)) Haha, of course instructed, I can never tell anyone of it YET. But it’s nice having new friends to talk to. To have great unbiased conversations here and there.


Well, from here and there, I have never thought I could be close to anyone from my past section. They were a bit snobbish at first, and we 5 just talked and hung out with each other. But then came the project in Art Appreciation and it started to give us a chance to bond with each other. Music Team, Film Team, Performance Art Team, it became uncanny how we started throwing jokes, laughing hard, going on trips. It became really comfortable. We plan on staying this semester to have our thesis. Leggo~


Here’s to new friends last semester and this semester. ;)

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