Sleep Deprived

It has been like how many hours and still here I am wide awake. Not sure if I am just happy playing Dragon Age 2 with my very own Calyce Hawke (in which all my cousins agree that I have made her face real beautiful), or there is such a thing called nalipasan ng tulog, which is kinda weird but speaks a bit more. Or just me overthinking everything I havve now, and everything I hold for the future. It keeps me awake for what? For good or bad?

It gets harder everyday. Well, not exactly.. But you get the point. Every day that passes in my life, adds a lot of stuffs I should decipher before I move on with my life. Decisions I should make that I know will change my life for a long time, a lot of resentments that I  should forget and just live on with. But in spite all these distractions? I will try to stop this head of mine once in a while. Overthinking sucks.

Well, that’s how I think of it. And sadly, that’s how my brain operates. Generating a lot of what if’s in my head, resentments, people who are important to my life, and just blankly everything I come across with. My mind tends to dive in all the possibilities and sometimes I think everything that suffices one road interacts the same hereafter. For example, my best friend from high school (girl), sometimes her uneven treatment of me among other best friends (of her) and classmates (of ours) sometimes deems me into thinking more about her in a relational way. Like she has other feelings besides the care. But it stays in my mind because it’s silly to think of. Best friends care for each other and I hate my mind for playing all this. Maybe my mind is resentful because I always follow my heart. *insert shocked meme here* There you go again brain, you’re making it easier. ;)

Hmm, I have nattered for to long. The time I hadn’t been sleeping looks like a death trap to me as it makes me think of stuffs which are too weird. Well, I am weird, by myself. But still, I should not be any weirder. I might be sent to some facility. Ha ha. Oh well, so much for staying up late. Good morning *insert name of special girl here*! :))

2 thoughts on “Sleep Deprived

  1. Ako diiin. ;( Minsan wala naman ako ganong iniisip pero hirap akong makatulog >,< Eh wala din naman maka usap kaya magdamag lang akong naka higa. HAHA! kdot. #stalkerngwordpressmo ;)

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