3 Ante Merediem

Time is ticking. 3:28am. I have been sleeping all day after I came home from another sleep(wake?)over. Still haven’t finished my Dragon Age 2 save and a lot of DotA happened again. Sometimes it’s tiring, but the fact that my cousins are there to talk with makes it really worthwhile. And because of that, I miss my friends in UST more and more.


Now I’m watching Chuck while waiting for new episodes of How I Met Your Mother. Just a few days left before our semester break ends, I hadn’t been in any way productive this time, and now, I think that’s gonna pay off this semester. But I hope not. We’re gonna have our thesis this semester so now I think I need to focus my mind and stop procrastinating. And I know who to look up to in these terms.


Hmm, I got caught up watching, it’s 3:54am now, oh well, I feel sleepy again. But something’s on my mind right now. Always checking my phone, wanting to text, but I thought maybe that person would feel a bit of awkwardness in us. So now, fudgeΒ over-thinking. Sleep time. :)

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