I hate goodbyes.

1 year and 1 semester. It might look like a short span of time but that length has bonded the three of us tightly. Best friends, 3 Musketeers, Barako Boys.

We were 3-in-1. Get one, get the other. See one, see the other. Talk to one, talk to the other. It was automatic. We had an awful lot of stuffs in common that held us together like magnets in a fraction of a second. We even had the closest student numbers and surnames. It was like destiny. We ate at the same places together, did the same hobbies together, studied our lessons together, played the ultimate pranks together, and even did sneaky deeds together. There was laughter in the air, blankly most of the time. There was a never a dull moment between us three. Actually there was only one requirement to join the group… You have to be perfect, literally. :)) Because in just one mistake, you will be embarrassed in 3, 2, 1. In every subject and section, we three were seated side-by-side. Chained and cursed. :)) Music, Lyrics and Beat. And, I was comfortable with that and very very thankful. For the first time, I had best friends who were really close to me.

But time and tides change once in a while. Something has to give. Life just gets you when you’re at the moment where you don’t care about anything else but the moment itself. It strikes, head shot, bull’s eye, 1, 2, 3! You’re out! And after the final blow, you’re left with a glimpse of the past, and the future to adjust to. You’ve got nothing else to do but stay strong and believe in whatever was happening, for it was planned for the better. :) I know we three are sad. Not only us but the closest of friends too. But we have to understand that in life, nothing is permanent, we just have to live it up while the moment is still in our hands.

Not goodbye best friend. :) See you later. :>

Dated: October 12, 2010.

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