Have A Little Faith

I just finished reading this book, and god did it touch me. :’( It was
weird enough at first because.. well, let me tell you.

It was 1am, I felt sleepy, and my head really ached. Maybe I was sitting too long in the front of our computer, it hadn’t dawned me that morning was near. And so, I said my goodbye to my best-est friends I was talking with to sleep. My brother, which I thought while I was cleaning downstairs, was sleeping at our room. Yeah, we sleep in the same room, the difference is, he sleeps at the bed, and I sleep at a mattress at the floor. Not that I don’t want to sleep beside him, but I felt comfortable at that place. Anyways, I decided to sleep at my sisters room, it was cozy enough, and I didn’t have to put up with the snoring. Haha. Well, it was a drag ‘cause the 1st floor was a mess, but I managed to clean it. And I set off upstairs. At her room I was getting ready, I got my pillows from the room adjacent, sent my last message for the day and started to set a dream. And then, not even a minute has passed, I opened my eyes and saw this book. Have A Little Faith by: Mitch Albom. Mitch Albom was one of my favorite authors, and I loved his Tuesdays with Morrie. And then, it hit me. I sat and started to browse the book’s front and back page. Then I dawdled a few pages to begin with. 1:30am, I thought to myself, just to make me more sleepy. 2am. 3am. 4am. What time is it? 4:30am? What page am I? 185? I wasn’t feeling pain in my head anymore, neither was I sleepy, I started to wonder why? But maybe, the story really spoke to me. I loved the story, that’s why I didn’t know what page I was, what time was it, was I sleepy or not. But I ignored it. I still continued. 5:30am, I stopped. My mother was awake already, and she wanted me to sleep. I inherited this trait from her, to read a book non-stop until I finished it. But then again, I didn’t want to piss her off that early in the morning, so I slept. She woke me 7:30am, 2 hours? -.- We were supposed to go to visit the grave of our grandfather. Yeah, we chatted and had fun there, but I really wanted to read the book. Although I didn’t want to leave yet, ‘cause my cousins meant everything to me, I also liked the plan, I was gonna be given the chance to read the book. We went home, and went here at my cousins to have another sleep-over. While the boys are up playing Xbox360, and the computer. I was busy reading my book, or my sister’s book. page after page, with a headset on, listening to All Time Low, We The Kings, The Script, 30 Seconds to Mars and The Friday Night Boys, I read the story. Little by little, the pieces came up to me, fully understanding my questions about to be asked after. At page 232, I was teary-eyed. At 233 tears were falling, up till the last page, 249. I was at the 1st floor of my cousins house that time, and I was with their parents. I stood up and started to clear the tears, when I stood up, my aunt saw me, I told her I cried, and she was a bit shocked. I hurried upstairs and lay down on their bed. No, I wanted to show other people. So now I’m here sitting in front of the computer, typing my mind and heart away with full sincerity.


And that’s the story my day, or should I say night. Maybe God really speaks to us, in little ways, and in the ways we are most interested in. Thank you God. And thanks for reading this, if ever. :) >:D<

Dated: October 31, 2010

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