Past Poetry (2)

I looked at the moon, helplessly and hopefully.
That it’s orbit will break, and it would be free.
And I would’ve touched it, nervously and curiously.
And my life would be perfect; Be at my happiest me.

I have met a sweet girl I’ll never forget.
My heart suddenly raced, it felt a li’l threat.
I said to myself, I should keep it inside.
But I was silly; it showed, I’m sorry, I tried.

I am a man who lost his heart.
So early in time, it was torn apart.
The pieces were scattered, I di’nt know what to do.
All I knew was that the feeling is true.

The days have passed since you left me alone.
Just waiting in time, glancing at my phone.
A message in sight, it’s all I am asking.
Whether it’s the truth, or just plain troubling.

Dated: July 31, 2010.

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