Past Poetry (5)

A smile so dear that’s hard to find.
A heart so pure, a girl so kind.
Her face, gorgeous, even the blind can see.
A voice so soothing, it’s music to me.

I did not know how the table turned.
But a part of me just thought and learned.
How fast Cupid’s arrows flies.
And how smart Cupid’s aims surprise.

Do you know how fast the blossoms fall?
Up to the ground where creatures crawl.
Faster than that is how fast I fell.
And now on the ground, I’ve got everyone to tell.

Who may be this girl? She seems so perfect.
But mind you she’s not, I just give her respect.
And I love her despite her imperfection.
Because in my life she’s an acclaimed perfection. <3

Dated: August 27, 2010.

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