Past Poetry (6)

And when the shooting star fell from the sky
It was weird enough and I don’t know why
It drew me closer, even from afar
And my heart is beating like it’s ready for war

As I crept closer to the cosmic wonder.
My heart grew bigger and I started to ponder.
Will I ever hold that hand and lead?
I wish, I want, I hope and I need.

For this star has kept me from falling asleep.
Not even a blink or a thought too deep.
I was living in a moment and wished it never ended.
For it was life and love that led me contented.

This star of grace that I adore so much.
My attention would never deplete as such.
For this rhythm inside is sincere in it’s beat .
It gives true meaning and will never go off beat.
Fate, Hope, Love and Faith.
Dated: September 9, 2010

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