Past Poetry

Hmm. Browsing my tumblr blog and found some of my old poetry. Here’s some of them:

I’ve cried and I’ve cried, a river of tears.
With nowhere to go but feel all my fears.
I was walking alone on an upside-down road.
With a dead-end in sight, but I carried the load.

I didn’t mind much what was going on around.
I didn’t care much on to what was I bound.
I didn’t see clearly what they were telling me.
I was blinded by love, now I want to be free.

I gave it my all, but that wasn’t enough.
For the path I took is too hard and tough.
But I’ll never regret what I’ve done in the past.
Cause I know I have loved, and that feeling will last.

My heart is absurd; still wants to love.
But I cannot stop it, let it fly like a dove.
I continue to assemble the broken down pieces.
Hoping I could find what it really misses.

It’s time to go back, back to the crossroads.
And take a new path; and take a new load.
Cause I follow my heart as to what it requests.
If it wants to love, that’s what it will get.

Dated: July 20, 2010.

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