Letters, Chocolates and Poems. Gifts from the heart. Sincere. That’s who I am to whom I love.

Ever since I gazed on a star high above, the only star I could ever see shining bright in the sky, my life changed partially. It was a miracle. It didn’t forewarn me. It just surprised me. That a single star, could really change your life.

Her name is Hanna. She is my Stargirl. Well, it came from a book by Jerry Spinelli entitled, yeah, Stargirl. A story (caution!, spoiler alert) which told the readers how a boy fell in love to a weird and outcast girl by just a matter of mysteries. But in turn left her for sole reasons I myself can’t understand fully. I loved the story, as much as I have loved the protagonist. (Oh don’t get me wrong, the boy, Leo, I will never adapt his story, I have my own version of Leo.) The My Superstar was Stargirl firmly. Her role from the book was to be a weird girl. Translating to my life as one too.
She(H) was not totally weird. It’s just that when she’s near, she grabs my attention fully. She’s weird in a nice way. The way she talks, moves, laughs, giggles. It’s cute. Until someday, it was all music to my ears. And that was also the time I myself became weird to her.

From the story to my life, I was the crowd and Leo at the same time. And the other thing that captured me was her mysterious personality.

Her smile was always a mystery to me. Just one smile. One smile is all I need to occupy a day’s work. Believe me, when you see that girl smile, it’s like there’s no such thing as sunshine but her smile. It had a way to inculcate a smile to me too, every time. Even till now, I smile remembering hers. Another mystery was the sweet-snob treatment I get. Well as the name implies, sweet and snob. But despite the fact that it’s that way, it never did diminish any feeling I have towards her.

She still continues to shine bright in my life. She knows it’s a first for me, and everything that I’ve done for her was a first.

Chocolates and Poems. I rarely give them to people, and she’s the first girl I ever gave gifts like those. She was my inspiration, and from there a lot of things opened. Letters, this I only give to the people that matters most to me. Whatever I lack in confidence up front is moved here in letters, as sincerity. And all of these I have done. For her, and because of her.

Hanna, I only want you to be happy. Thank you for your effortless actions that made me happy. I hope you treasure the gifts as much as I have treasured you. And I hope, when you wear that bracelet I gave you, it would remind you of how much me, Erick, cares about you.

Starboy? :)) Erick Cua.
Dated: December 20, 2010

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