What are Stars?

I have only one thing in my mind whenever I hear the word stars.

A certain someone that shines above everyone. A light that dazzles the crowd and magnets their eyes onto them, more like gravity. The astonishing beauty that everyone will always dare to destroy, for it’s uniqueness and popularity. An entity that provides us with a list of feelings that ravishes in our mind and heart whenever they are near. Joy, Sadness, Excitement, Longing, Suffering, Jealousy. Oftentimes are there to deceive. But most of the times, they teach. How? I’ll tell you.

I have one star in my mind. A star I cherish, a star I love. Everything about this star, makes me show the best out of me. Makes me feel everything I need to feel in this world. Let’s me come out of my box and show the world who I am. Whom I should be proud of. A star that let’s me be myself, and let’s me feel comfortable inside. That star drives me to become better, to give more than what I receive. To change, to accept, to understand. That life sucks the way it is, but let’s you know that there’s a reason for everything.

That’s my star. She taught me that everyone in this world has their own star. After all, we all came from stardust. You, each and everyone of you, has their own star. Don’t be afraid to keep it inside, show it to the world. You never know what would happen. Nothing will happen if you never take risks. You will never survive without taking some. ‘Cause that’s how we live.

So much for my star. All I am saying is this is how she changed me, and I am sharing it to you, yes, You. Find out who your star is, and maybe, just maybe, everything will go the way you want it to. It just takes time. Right?

Dated: October 29, 2010

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