Cisco Time

It’s just the start of my third year and I have many projects to make. Oh God no.. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have time for this. Noooo. Ha ha. Example. :)

November 25, 2011. 8:10am. IT256, Cisco time.

4 of my friends have watched one of my favorite movies of all time. Byousoku 5 Centimers Per Second. It was one of those short films that made me cry. Well, I didn’t know if sensitivity played a part of it or was it just me.

*spoiler alert*

Byousoku is an anime about 3 short stories about the distance of 2 people. It depicted reality on how people live and love. As childhood sweethearts, well, for one, ’cause the 2 of them were always with each other. From the start and end of the 1st episode, they only got each other even though on the latter part they started going seperate ways for school. Frailty? Interest? Destiny? Chemistry? There are a lot of things we could think of why they became together. I would say what I think, but it would be better to think of your own.

I was initially hooked when the film started because I love watching romantic movies. Romantic + Comedy = WIN. But this was not your normal romantic movie. Why?

*spoiler alert 2*

All, well I guess just almost all romantic movies have their own happy ending. Boy getting girl, vice-versa, enemies becoming lovers, etc. But this story, just got you thinking of what can really, and I mean REALLY happen in real life in terms of loving. The second episode told the watchers how they were now apart from each other without any communication no more. I was famished actually, but I had hopes for them (when I watch, I tend to get in the story also, as a critic or a character in the story, either the protagonist or another at least to know fully how it feels). And even though the guy protagonist was somehow being loved by another girl, his heart was entangled still by his childhood sweetheart.

By that time, I was getting my hopes up for the two. The 3rd episode came and they were adults now (fudge, the intervals are long, how will they ever know each other now?). This was the concluding part on how their story ended. They (the 2 protagonists) reminisced how they were back when they were just children. How they would never forget how much they loved the company of each other, how they unintentionally parted ways, and how they wished they would see the cherry blossoms fall again.

*spoiler alert 3*

This part made me sad. Along with Masayoshi Yamasaki’s song One More Time, One More Chance I saw how Takaki Tohno and Akari Shinohara’s story flew from the start to their present where Takaki quit his job and decided to start a new life, and Akari, where showed in the film for like a split second having a ring on her finger, got married to another man. But throughout this fast-paced slides of their memories they tend to look far away, like there was something missing in their hearts.

They came back to the place where they went to see the cherry blossoms fall 5 centimeters per second. Unconsciously, they passed each other on the railroad and halfway the 2 tracks, they felt pinch on their hearts. When the 2 try to look back whether they would see each other a train blocked their view. And as you would know that the train would pass already, another train passed by just before Takaki and Akari would definitely see each other (I hated that part! Fucking trains!). When the second train railroad crossing, Akari was no longer there. And Takak, with a smile, went on his way. Closure.

My tears started to fall the moment I saw the ring on Akari’s finger ’cause I felt how Takaki loved her. The end left me sobbing. But I figured out why Takaki smiled that time. Because he knew he got to see the cherry blossoms fall again with Akari.

This romantic story gave us a realistic ending that not all stories of 2 people end the way you think they would. Sometimes something will ruin it, for instance this, distance ruined it.

We may not get what we want out of life, so when you start a story with someone you love, make the most out of it. You’ll never know what would happen. And this just proves, if you’re meant to be, you will be.

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