Good Friends?

I saw Miguel de Jesus post tagging me to a note he made. And after reading it, it got me thinking of how I have been dealing with the stress of my life for the past months. Here’s the note:

You may always see me as some silly messed up person but the truth is I only use them to hide me innermost feelings; my greatest fears. Behind this mask I wear is a boy, waiting asking you, my most treasured friends to stay by my side and never again to leave me alone.
So the next time you see me act silly crazy or stupid, its just my way of breaking away from the stress, the pressure and the loneliness I feel
~Self proclaimed budoy :D

As you know, I am a certified 3rd year student at University of Santo Tomas. And given this privilege, there are many, and I cannot stress that enough, things to do, projects to make, deadlines to meet and grades to achieve for these last 2 years. And bearing that responsibility, we (students) become so stressed out from sleepless nights and not taking enough breaks through tasks. Not that I’m whining about it, but it sometimes takes us to our limit. I know every course has their way of pushing it to every student differently, so logically, every person has their own way of pushing it away. We cope equal to how much we become stressed. Maybe some people cope from stress like me. I tend to surround myself with all of my friends when I am stressed out. I don’t need anything else, just friends. Good friends at least. Where you could just talk all day, all night without minding anything else, or maybe think about it and suggest ways or help out with each others problems. That’s all I need, no material stuffs, no childish breakdowns (unless I can’t talk to anyone, which is way weird) or venting of anger to any person. And thank God for that I have these good great friends.

John Samuel Belmonte, he’s my Kuya. He’s someone you could not ignore inside your circle of friends. He’s funny, smart and most importantly he’s true to you in all aspects. I turn to him whenever I have problems, ’cause his insights, suggestions and concern triggers the warm heart inside of me. I tend to become calm more when he says “It’s going to be fine”. Not because it was 100% the truth, but his words are reassuring. I entrust to him every problem I could say ’cause I know he will help me. The Jack of all Trades. Happy days are not 1 when he’s not around. And for that Sammy, thank you! :)

Pauline Angela Nagpala, she’s whom I call Bebe. Yes, we’re very close. I tend to talk to her when it comes to loving someone. Why? Well for one she’s a girl, she knows how a girl thinks, knows how a girl would react in different situations and lastly, she’s close to that girl. I also consistently tease her to someone she likes, just to have some fun and bond. But despite those, she is currently the only girl who knows well how my heart is. To a girl, or overall. She’s a great listener and I think my days wouldn’t have been this great without her around. Thank you Bebe! :)

Aira Cheyenne Ramos, she’s the girl I share everything with. Anything I like, I love, I am interested in, I tell her. She’s the best listener I know, and whenever I talk to her, there’s just that comfortable feeling inside in me that when I am sharing, opening and venting (anger to other people) stuffs becomes so easy. She’s just a simple girl that’s so loving and lovable. If you have her as a friend, you are so lucky. She apparently knows me more, ’cause family affairs are one of the stuffs I share to her. Thank you so much Aira (she calls me Cu, I could call her Ra, but that’ll take some time to take into habit). I will always be here for you, no matter what. :)

Those are the best friends I never thought of even having. I mean, I was only asking God for good friends, and here he is giving me 3 great and awesome friends. I cannot show enough how much these people mean to me. Without them, I wouldn’t be this happy and contented.

And even though some of my friends are becoming distant to me, I will still be there for any of them when they need me. They’ve helped me a lot and there’s no saying no for me, not in a sense of gratitude of what they’ve done, but because they are my friends. And I will help my friends, as long as I can. Shout if you need me, guys. :)

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