Tech Writing

We received your letter regarding your request and in line with it we are here to inform you that we need a certain number of items you need for us to provide. The number of steamers, gas stoves and laborers that would greatly suffice the needs of your increasing customer rate are needed, and which equipment particularly become defective fastly.

The reason that our department needs the number of steamers, gas stoves and laborers needed is because we need a sufficient number of time and budget to plan things at hand, so we could provide in a more efficient and resourceful way to deliver it. Also, the equipment shall be named to us, including the numbers of defective, for us to see and know which certain equipment get damaged easily; and the time of usage, in order to know the depreciating value of the given items. When these requirements are met by your department, you can ensure that we could provide the necessities as fast and reliable as we can. Also if we find that what you request will greatly burden our company overall, we would have no choice but to deny your petition.

So from all of us here, we would repeat the need of the absolute number of  assets needed, and the equipment which are depreciating and damage-friendly accordingly. Good day to all.