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Non-Functional Requirements

Non-functional requirements define the overall qualities or attributes of the resulting system. It places restrictions on the product being developed, the development process and specify external constraints that the product must meet.

In connection with this, we would list the technical requirements of our system which pertain to the technical aspects that our system must fulfill, such as performance-related issues, reliability issues, and security issues. These types of requirements affect the Quality of Service (QoS) thus, specify criteria that can be used to judge the operation of our system, rather than the specific behaviors.

Under technical requirements are 4 more requirements that our system look into.

In terms of Performance Requirements, we need to specify the timing characteristics of the software such as workloads, response time, and available storage space. Our proposed system is intended to comply with constraints such as the ability to respond within 5 seconds, a maximum of 2 seconds for having 10 active users at a time and having up to 3-10 seconds of response time for a query search. All of these should work 99% of the time to ensure efficiency in the system. Our system also will also deal with the requisites of ensuring the system can process transactions within the time frame, eliminate late system deployment and avoidable system rework due to performance issues and avoid additional and unnecessary hardware acquisition costs brought about by performance concerns.

Reliability requirements relate to the dependability and consistency of the system during operation. These also include how capable the system is when it comes to coping during system failure and how it is able to maintain the integrity of the information it carries. Our system would provide a system back-up, monthly maintenance and the ability to handle multiple transactions without crashing. These are probabilities with regards to the reliability of the system. The failure that might possibly occur as the system operates is looked upon as a random phenomenon, meaning it is a recurring event and it does not express any information on individual failures, the cause of failures, or relationship between failures, except that the likelihood for failures to occur varies over time according to the given probability function. Though reliability is indicated as the intended function, any operation in contradiction to what the system is supposed to do is considered to be against the reliability of the system. Also, the reliability of the system applies to a specific period of time. There will be variations since it will depend on the number of failures that will occur in the specific period of time given.

Next, on usability requirements that is about specifying the user interface and end-user interaction with the system. To meet these requirements, our system intends to provide a user-friendly interface to the end-users. Considering that the expected users of the system have working knowledge of the computer, the activities in the system, from authentication to the different events, will be easy for them. The system will also provide information which is constant so end-users will just have to choose, giving them less work to do or to input. One, the website will use simple English. Two, the icons would be logical in design. Three, the interface will be consistent in terms of design and flow of transactions. Four, actions which cannot be undone or require discreet understanding would ask for confirmation. Last, the screen color and appearance would not be a hindrance to using the site but have a rather cool color to not torment users.

Lastly in terms of security requirements, we are to implement the conditions as follows in different entities. For the customers, they must have an account in our site, they must secure the password of their account, they can only access the status of their delivery transaction and can only update it if it is on awaiting status to cancel the order, and/or ongoing delivery status to activate the redeemed status. For the shipping clerk, they must have an employee account in our site, they must secure the password of their account, and they can only approve awaiting transactions. Lastly, for the shipping manager, they must have a managerial account in our site, must secure the password of their account, they can update the status of delivery transactions except the paid status, and as a manager, they have access to the reports.

Our database and website handlers will do our best in attaining every requirement listed above. Rest assured, the site and database will run smoothly for the users to have easy transactions with the shipping firm.

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