From all the articles provided, it is clear that the use of SMS for an inquiry system will produce an efficient project. As people would be happier from getting fast results, using what they use frequently, and get answers at anytime and anywhere of the day, more and more people would likely use this as far as they are connected.

Proving that if the system will be implemented in the Philippines, that boasts a number of people using short messaging system, people can create a better and easier way in producing answers for the community they are into. Also, because a lot of people use it, it is practically normal to have the system in a place where people have knowledge on it and grown accustomed to it.

Grouping each item from all the articles, the proponents would piece together the foundation of the system by finding out the immediate logical diagram. As shown from the SMS Network Architecture, a pertinent diagram was shown and will be followed by the proponents in creating their system in terms of sending and receiving. They will use GSM and SMS Gateway/Server as a basis of the way the messages of users and the system goes through certain entities. It will provide a connection for the GSM mobile phones that would be used by the user and the system itself. In terms of wireless sending information and understanding, broadband details are to be implemented to ensure fast response between the system and the user. The SMS Inquiry System will be the foundation of the proponents’ thesis. Convenience is shown and the security of replying fast is built. Text NAPOLCOM will be a basis for the keyword technique of the system. The Ozeki Message Server will guide the proponents in creating the database and help them in managing the sending and receiving of messages.

While that in line, it is the goal of the proponents to do the same thing; to provide a fast response system about what questions were frequently asked by users. The system will respond at the moment the user sends a keyword and their queries would be answered.

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