One Fateful Night – Introduction

Main Protagonists:

Charles Evans

Brendon Saville

Marvin Lawrie

Dianne Valentine

Patrick Kumar

Natalie Pelham

Raelene Andrews


Charles Evans, also known as Chuck, is a student in the University of Santo Tomas here in Manila, Philippines. He’s in his junior year now and spends time with his best friend Brendon Saville from sophomore year. The same year, they met Marvin Lawrie along with his friends Dianne Valentine and Patrick Kumar. They became close to one another by having similarities of striking interests like staying late at school (after school time), hanging out anywhere from dusk till dawn, telling ghost stories from different places, and eagerly planning out plans about the rumored zombie apocalypse. In doing the stuffs they loved, they met on the way two best friends Raelene Andrews and Natalie Pelham and from there the group became larger. They went about their way until on one night they experienced silence around the grounds of the school. They decided to stay inside from interest andย curiosityย until they found out that there were other creatures lurking around eating flesh from corpses around. They ran all the way back to the Engineering building to find out more of these creatures and an enclosed grounds. They’ve been planning this but they didn’t expect this to happen so quick. Find out how they’ll experience this One Fateful Night.

Erick Cua. Signature yan. Ha ha.

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