Hello Melons~ :hi
I will be in an Indefinite Hiatus state this coming weeks. Reason so is..


1. What I though for this Summer Vacay is having to rest freely is wrong. We are gonna get burned up with a 234-hour OJT. Although not much companies has replied/called to me, I will take care of everything next week pronto. :phew


2. With that in mind, I will start to study some networking this Summer Vacay. I might not be totally interested in my course (Still thinking of shifting to Conservatory of Music) here which is IT, networking works fine with me. I’m gonna set priorities straight right now to prepare me for the future. I wouldn’t want my father abroad (Japan) to stay any further there while seeing the news of earthquakes happening there. :nuooo :cry2


3. My friends IRL playing GE are starting to quit solely for the same reason. I might feel like a bum if I didn’t realize what they have realized, so I will start to set things straight like them. :study2


I will definitely miss Merovingian Faction as a whole. I never forget that green chat that always makes me laugh whenever I log in on the game. I am also sorry for every shortcoming I have for others, like a little misunderstanding with Uncle Rod, failing my word with Kibi for a day in SCR and other stuffs that might have hurt members. But I wish from the time I have stayed here, I have made someone, anyone proud of having me as a member. :cry4


Thanks a lot Saracen, InfernalSaint, ArchSaviour and Ripclaw for taking care if me inside the Faction and also to my Fury Squadding partner Grimmshaw. I would’ve never progressed like I would if it weren’t for them. Especially Mom, who took me in with open arms. And for all of you who had been nice to me even though I don’t speak up much. I feel grateful. :best


I will still log in from time to time to talk to Melons and if ever everything here becomes stable I would probably continue on playing. That’s it for now, it was fun being a DFL for a time in Merovingian. Ja ne~ :bye2


-Auditorè (Erick).

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