80 Questions for GE Players

 80 questions for GE-players


1. What is your Family name?

2. What GE-version/server do you play on?
Singaporean Server (Rembrandt).

3. What is your familylevel and how many characters do you have?
41+3 (48%) with 46 characters~

4. What faction are you in? (If any) What is your alliance? (Royalist/Republican/Neutral)
I am in Merovingian Faction. ♥ I am Republican. (Souveran).

5. How long have you played GE?
1+ years.

6. How did you start playing GE?
Our friend MajesticSky (Jaro IRL) recruited us. :))

7. How did you come up with your Family name?
I was playing Assassin’s Creed back then, almost all the time. I stopped though when I found out about Granado Espada. I went from console to MMORPG again.


☆  Stock character questions


8. Which stock character is your favorite?
MUSKETEER. ? I like to all that go pew pew~

9. Please talk freely about fighters.
They’re versatile. I’d use them primarily for their Provoke. I don’t like Granny’s Provoke, I don’t know why. XD

10. Favorite fighter stances and skills?
Violition baby~ BOOM!

11. Please talk freely about wizards.
I almost put in my main team, but pew pew won my heart. One of the best support characters in a team.

12. Favorite wizard stances and skills?
The stance with the invisibility skill.

13. Please talk freely about musketeers.
Unlimited Shots rock! They pew pew so fast and strong a lot die from spacebar gaming. XD

14. Favorite musketeer stances and skills?

15. Please talk freely about scouts.
They are the best support types I have used. They lastly die which is expected from a leather user. :D

16. Favorite scout stances and skills?
Enhanced Tactics. Power you up x3!

17. Please talk freely about the elementalists.
They are extremely strong! As in. Sadly I don’t propel well in a team with a magic user in it. I suck at magic. D:

18. Favorite elementalist stance and skills?

19. Favorite speech/voices of stock characters?
Female Musketeer voice! (jGE voice pack).

20. Favorite costume/equipment for stock characters?
Musketeer Dignite Costume~

21. What do you expect of stock characters in the future?
Stances! For muskies and scouts~


☆  RNPC/UPC character questions


22. Favorite male RNPC/UPC?
Male? ION! Come out already please? D:

23. Favorite female RNPC/UPC?
My first love of course, Calyce forever.

24. Favorite RNPC/UPC stance and skills?
Shadow Sting. Silent Move. Die b*tches (Assassin type).

25. Favorite speech/voices of RNPCs/UPCs?
Ludin my baby. ? (jGE voice pack).

26. What RNPC/UPC would you recommend to use?
You should have a Calyce in your team. A calyce. And a calyce. Oh wait, did I say you should use Calyce? Yeah, use a Calyce. One or Two, depends on you. :D

27. What was your most memorable recruitment quest?
Valeria’s Quest had the most feel to me. The way the storyline goes with you saving Valeria stirs my heart. :)

28. Favorite RNPC/UPC that hasn’t yet been recruited or released?

29. Favorite costume/equipment for RNPC/UPC?
Anemone Costume. Sadly, I don’t have one yet. :(

30. What do you expect of RNPCs/UPCs in the future?
Another crossbow user to pair with Calyce that doesn’t need to be bought and is in the team buff of Calyce. :)

31. Here is Gracielo, looking at you from afar. You feel like he wants to be partners with you. Will you let him join your Family?
Of course, he is in my Family already. :D


☆  MCC3 questions


32. What characters do you prefer?
Calyce, Musketeer and Scout? :))

33. What character do you secretly hate?
Ralph. Recycled Calyce’s skills, made him stronger and became a Cash Shop character. Disgusts me. Characters made for money. That’s why I never liked Cash Shop characters.. Except Soho of the Wind, cause he is still balanced.

34. What is your main MCC3 team? (List more if you have more than 1 main team)
Scout-Calyce-Musketeer (Raiding Team) – If I want a faster one, I’d swap Scout with Soho of the Wind.
Emilia-Calyce-Musketeer (Temporary Cross PVP Team) – Ion needs to come out, I will swap him with Muskie~
Catherine Torsche-Calyce-Valeria (Second PVP Team) – CT is the best. ♥
Valeria-Calyce-Ion (Dream Team) – PLEASE COME OUT ION!

35. What team would you think of if you saw the sentence “These are real men…”?
Masters of Martial Arts. Except Feng ling of course.

36. What MCC3 team would you like to use? (Okay to include not yet implemented characters)
Catherine Torsche-Ion-Valeria/Scout. I’d try this, if it doesn’t go well, I’d swap CT with Calyce.

37. What stats would you primarily add to fighter-types (including RNPCs/UPCs)?
Strength (HG\TC), HP (Crusader).

38. Stats for wizard-types?

39. Stats for scout-types?
HP all the way!

40. Stats for musketeer-types?
Dexterity. No-brainer.

41. Stats for elementalist-types?

42. Do you make use of any combination buffs?
The Pioneers is one of the best buffs for me.


☆  Equipment questions


43. What is your most prideful equipment?
I don’t have powerful items yet. But still..
Weapon: +6 Elite Sword of the Champion 1S. 21 Atk, 3 AR, 50% UD. (Still so weak..)
Armor: +6 Le Noir (Scout) 2S. 13 Def 3DR. (A bit pride on that)

44. What is the nicest equipment you acquired as a drop/in roulette? Are you lucky with drops?
No. Never was lucky in any way. Roulette? Letizia box counts right? So Dragon heart. If not and if equipment, a 32 AR fire type rapier.

45. Do you enhance items? What is your highest enhancement failure and success?
+7 in weapons (that I don’t use). I’ve never gone to +8. And I rarely got to +6. :(

46. Do you think certain enhancement NPCs have more chance to succeed than others? Which one?
Auch is a haxx. I rarely get +5’s there. On the other hand, in Reboldeaux, I get +7’s in like 1/50 ratio.

47. Do you enchant items? What is the best stat you have gotten?
I enchant a lot, if I have tranquilizers in my inventory. Best I ever had was I chipped my +6 Elite Bone Frame Armor which gave me 9% Max HP and 3 DR.

48. Do you craft your own equipments?
I buy. I hate crafting. When I craft, usually get +1 and no sockets. </3


☆  PvP questions


49. What is your experience with victory and defeat in PvP?
I fare well. Even killed a team with 32 AR weaps and ELN’s. I only used trump. :)) It’s in the matter of panicking and cramming your brain so you could move fairly well. Number one rule, do not give up. :>

50. What MCC3 teams are often used in Team PvP?
Catherine Torsche (Death Stunt for Shackles), Calyce (Invisibility combo almost always kills instantly one character) and Emilia Guliano (Sleep + Gloomy Present/Blood Curse = GG!).

51. Please talk about some common tactics.
Instant casting skills or knockbacks, then spacebar gaming. :)

52. What are you proud of to achieve in PvP?
I don’t give up easily. I once tried World Cross PVP and it went for 5 rounds. I lost 2 times simultaneously (thinking of going through the rotating blades that 3rd round, but I decided to fight). But the next round I improvised and won 3 rounds. :)) 0-1, 0-2, 1-2, 2-2, 3-2. Sorry for my enemy. :P

53. What is the most annoying MCC3 team in PvP?

54. Your most impressive PvP memory?
Armor pays off. My scout’s armor and resurrection ability saved me from dying a one-on-one battle in Colony Wars. Scout/Calyce/Musketeer v.s. IBS/Asoka/Scout (yeah, I wasn’t prepared). I combo-ed the Asoka and clicked the scout. The scout went down quickly but my attackers died with Asoka in 1/8 life and IBS full. Ressurected my Calyce for a Backstep Inferno, killing Asoka and damaging IBS. Scout endured about 5 skills with 3/4 life still before Calyce killed IBS with her combo (Silent Move-Eagle Eye-Shadow Dawn) without any Enhanced tactics buff. XD

55. Have you joined Colony War/Alliance War? Please talk freely about it.
I used to go when I was in Eminence. We were the guardians of Jezebel Glen and Peril. Now not much. I sometimes kill people from Le Conquistador. ;)

56. Any thoughts or expectations about PvP in the future?
No more item usage. Everything needs to be free when in PVP.


☆  Other questions


57. What is your favorite pet?
Pilfurr. I don’t know why. XD

58. What kind of pet would you like to implement?
Little MMA’s. XD

59. Favorite pose?
Salutation 2. :D

60. Please post a favorite screenshot here.
The time when Falkenhausen (Nate Lee IRL) told us the history of Granado Espada in his point of view. :D

Falkenhausen with his students

L-R: Voltain (Pons), BernkastelXI (Renz), Auditorè (Me) and Falkenhausen (Nate).

61. What is your favorite monster?
The Rock in Abertal. :)) They look so funny.

62. What is your least favorite monster?
Antelopes. They look extremely weird.

63. Do you participate in raids? (Including solo)
Yes, I do daily raids. Chip raids in Castilla, Mines, Hellbreaker Raid, Lavaleaf Raid, Rafflesia, Uraeus, Vergo, Griffon, Joaqiun Barrier (All of them), Team Arena, Arsene, Bounty Hunter, Fury Raids and lastly Prison.

64. Do you have a favorite leveling map?
Rion/Gehenna (with Builders) for Pre-vet.
Topolo Durga/El Ruina or Sacred Chaos Requiem for Vet-Expert.
Castilla, Mines/Relics/ToC or AT Castilla and Sacred Chaos Requiem for Masters

65. What map, that you’ve never been to, would you like to visit?
Inside of Montoro’s Castle.

66. What is your favorite city?
Bahia because of Ludin!

67. What is your favorite background music from the game?
Jeremiad! Where I hunt Pure Otites.

68. What is your favorite raid/mission/instance? Please explain about it.
Rafflesia Raid (Solo). Easily done with pew pew characters. XD

69. What is your favorite official event?
Loading screen contests! Even though I don’t participate, I like to see the new loading screens~

70. Have you participated in events organized by the gameprovider or individuals?
Nay, haven’t done that yet.

71. What thoughts do you have about the Cash Shop/Item Mall?
I use it when I really need vis.

72. What about any of the gambling webgames related to GE?
Hellena’s Circus of Fate is okay.

73. Let’s be honest. How much do you think people spend in the above mentioned things?
TOO MUCH. It’s like they put all their money there.

74. What are your fond memories of GE?
Raiding with my close friends inside GE.

75. And as well, your bitter memories?
My friends started to get tired of GE. Less talking. :(

76. Do you have any general thoughts, suggestions or ideas about GE?
Don’t rip of players. It’s the reason they quit.

77. What do you think about your GE-versions next update?

78. Take care of yourself in and out of GE! Any words of advice about doing so?
RMT is never a good thing.

79. What do you think about the gameprovider and GMs of your GE-version?
They are cool at times, in other times they’re greedy and show-offs.

80. Cheers for your good work!

-Erick Vincent Cua (Auditorè Family).