If you just..

Anxious. And. Tired. Every. Single. Day.


It is a fierce battle everyday that I fight by my hands. Conquering each fall that you can’t fathom that life just gives. Keeping myself busy with all the possible solutions I can think of from this strange brain. Firing up my feelings to keep up with today’s twist and turns. And contemplating alone on how I should tackle life that just.. just.. hits you on the nuts.


I have never felt down in my whole life. This down, I mean. All the possible problems I have encountered today are at my demise, but I still can’t understand why even the people around me create the same scenarios. It’s like I slapped myself again and again.. and again. I really don’t know how I can overcome this anymore.








*gentle breeze*

Much like the cold weather that’s supposed to come here in the Philippines, my heart has grown colder and colder. Unable to hold any meaning in life. Grasping what’s left in this tired forgiving heart, that still hungers for love though. I could never shake the feeling that something/one is just missing in my life. I don’t know if it/her/him/they are just around the corner or in my life already that I haven’t (or he/she/they haven’t) just realized. But I think that feeling will just go…








Away. Anyone there?

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