In Need?

Lately I’ve been finding myself thinking, and thinking, and thinking… and thinking.

Weird though, I always find myself doing this when I am home alone. Now, I frankly do it every time of the day. It’s like I have a lot of free time but in contrary, I should be busy. :| What the hell is happening to my life. I feel like I am in a rut. I have been doing the same thing everyday starting from November. Wake up at 8am, play a little (psp or pc), go to school (with a barely unbearable schedule), listen in class, talk a bit, spend breaks alone (new thing for me), go home alone (not new, but really intentionally), play at home while watching How I Met Your Mother Season 1-8 (in a cycle, finished it like 8 times already… think about how long), sleep at 3am (or onwards) and repeat. Nothing more, nothing less. Not even in the weekends. I can’t find any meaning in what I am doing right now. Not anyone to talk to, not anything or any sign to do anything remotely fun or important. I guess this is the time I hate the most.

Really. Hate. The. Most. And I have no idea what to do now. I’m not even trying to know. Help?