CBE: TSA Chapter 2

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September 14, 2022. 6:30pm.

On the hill.

Should we go home? It’s getting darker every minute.” said Cy.

What are you afraid or something?” teased Rence.

No it’s just that I’m getting a bit sleepy *yawns*” replied Cy.

Me too.” said Gray.

Well, I guess we’re calling it a day.” dictated Alice.

One of each stood up from what they were doing. Pierce and Calv were playing a board game by the side. There’s Neil and Cy jamming their hearts out for a new song they are recording. Ash, Gray and Alice having their girl talk, which in any way I would not know what is about. Rence was overlooking everyone through the highest point of the hill, having a cigarette and talking on the phone with someone I don’t know. Downhill, the group walked slowly, side-by-side, like a group of villains in a blockbuster movie. As they reached the famous intersection, they said their goodbyes. From the school up front, was Ashley and Pierce’s way of going home. From the school to the left of the intersection, was Grace and Terrence’s. And from the school to right of the intersection was with the four people left. The intersection was famous for the group as it served a middle point of everybody and when they need to go somewhere as a group, they never looked anywhere else. Good thing this was the set-up, at least all girls have a guy to go home with.

Alice and Cy have been neighbors for a long time. So after the intersection, they end up walking together and talk about stuffs. Mostly about the group.

It’s so relieving every time we’re there.” said Alice.

The group is our comfort zone, Alice. It’s a no-brainer.” replied Cy.

Well, I guess I have to say, I hope the group stays together.”

Yeah. We are nearing graduation. They have their lives thought out.

Have you?”

Nothing in my mind.”

Not even a little?”

Don’t get me wrong, I think about it a lot. But I still can’t find any reason to do anything else yet. I may have to cling to this group until time forces me too.”

Well, that seems sad.”

Maybe, but it’s better than nothing.

Are you sure you want this. You could always try and court—”

Yeah, I don’t even mind whatever happens to her.” butted Cy.

Alice raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

Cy ducked his head. “I don’t know.”

Oh for God’s sake Cy, tell her!”

Then what? To get shut down? I always get rejected when I do these kinds of stuff. It’s better that I don’t just do anything.”

There you go again. I told you to stop thinking about that.”

It’s not that easy for me.”


They near two houses. On the left, a large  manor house colored pastel fit for a princess. It has a balcony up top looking at the sea behind the subdivision. There is gate with the named Sandler. On the right, a slightly large bungalow colored gray. A hoop is seen outside with the garage door open and a fence surrounding the perimeter.

Oh great, they’re not here again.” disapproved Cy, “Like I even care though.”

Bye, Cy.” shrugged Alice.

See you, Alice.”

Cy walks in front of his house. Seeing the garage door open makes him furious. In act he kicks the ball inside the garage. He slams the door as he goes inside. The reason why Cy is like this is because his family wasn’t around him for the most part. Not that they were literally around, but as a family that connects to him. He was always alone in dealing with his problems and he has never once found comfort inside the house. It’s like the whole family was disappointed of him from the start and didn’t even cared what Cy’s dream is. That is why Cy has never even thought well on what he wants in life.