Funny how when I was thinking of finding some picture to show to my friend Kael leads to reminiscing about the good ol’ times. Good times meaning the days when there were less worries than what we have now. When everything was so simple and not at all hard. Scrolling down the post stung my heart every time I see the people I once hanged out with or just plainly talked to a lot. Every picture was full of memories that I still remember (throughout hopefully, with this forsaken head of mine that only remembers 4-6 years to the past from the present) that made me laugh and cry (not at the same time though).

Well, we all grow up eventually. But it places us in a guilty feeling of what went wrongwoah~ sorry; I meant–what changed. What was once the optimistic past became a rebellious present where a lot had already happened, or as to what a meme would say “Well that escalated quickly“. Truly it will always be a part of a person’s life to have these kind of scenarios, but for me, looking at all the pictures I took or people took including me, I have to say my life is (and will always be) legendary! And there will always be that special picture that would always be… priceless.

Humor me

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