February 24, 2013



It’s after midnight again and I’m still awake. I guess WP is calling me after the 2 awesome days I’ve had (not simultaneously). I always find ways to spice up my life though most of the time I just sit in front of the computer for like 10 hours a day (actually more). But the 2 days that shone over the semester was quite endearing, weird and confusing all at the same time. I always have a rule when going home. I don’t like the routinary part of going home, 2 jeepney rides to Santolan Station leaving Legarda Station, 1 pedicab to UST, then 1 pedicab back to Legarda Station leaving Santolan Station, walking to Petron to find a jeepney routing Pasig Palengke (Tramo, if really lucky) and arriving at my beloved home. I mean I don’t complain about it, that route takes me to UST in no time rather than 3 jeepney rides to UST then 2 jeepneyΒ rides and a trike back home. But those are some of my options. There are certain advantages for both. LRTs provide faster time when traffic congestion is happening though its disadvantage is it has a fixed time.Β Jeepney rides are susceptible to traffic but when there ain’t any, they can fly (kaskaserong driver). Getting to the point, I always think of the options whenever I am dismissed from school and most of the time I decide fast. But those two days where I hesitated for about 10 minutes something comes up. Someone messages me to go home together, which leaves me nothing to choose. No complain there, it’s just magical (for me) to think of it as a way of fate to kick me in the ass and say “Oh for God’s sake! Just go home already you whiny indecisive snoot!” Then I go and face the path anyways. It’s more of a question of is it something I want, or something I need. And lately I’ve been wondering what it is.


If fate wants to answer, I ain’t gonna charge it up. Bring it on. I’m waiting.


I mean seriously… I’m waiting. :\

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