May 9, 2013

May 9, 2013. 12:50am.

Another clichè regarding time. Damn it! Anyways. I can’t feel fine without relating this story to my own journal. Seems mushy gushy immature and weird all at the same time to tell this but here I go.

I fell asleep after watching TV Patrol, it was just another normal day to me. IBM also called, they said I was up fo a final interview tomorrow at 2pm and I hope I get the position. It bums me that I am just a bum at home. Not even contributing with all the financial somethings inside. Well anyways, the story I would like to tell is the dream I had. There are only a handful fo dreams I can remember till now. Some of them are awesome, and some are just meant to be a secret. This one was frustrating once I woke up. Well, judge away.

It started in a ship or yacth. Yeah, you heard it right. There was a pool inside and we were having some kind of field trip since I knew some of the people in my dream and I had a ticket stashed in my bag somewhere. But the weird part was it was not just my friends from college, there were also friends from high school, and also my cousins. But there’s this one person. Someone I didn’t know. Someone I still don’t know who right this moment. Someone that I liked to know more outside the dream, but I just can’t. Someone I got close to inside the yatch (or maybe outside) just swimming with, with my friends and cousins. And for some reason, I fell asleep (yes, in my dream) and woke up home. The latter part was uninteresting anymore as it was just me finding that girl from home. Which is like balonies since I didn’t know where to start. But you know how dreams go, just when I got the place (which I didn’t even know how I was supposed to know the place) where the girl was at… I woke up… And frankly, can’t sleep back to know. Sucks.

Well, that’s the story of my life regarding dreams. Just. Just. Just. It just bangs your head up. The mushy gushy part was just holding hands and the immature was because we liked each other really fast. Or maybe I was wrong. Maybe the dream went in such lengths, like days or years, or who am I to say. It’s like I dream what I want then when the dream starts I never have control of it again. Whoever you are girl, you will not be forgotten. :|

It’s been a while since I dreamt this kind of dreams. The hopeless romantic type. It’s been a while since I ever opened up myself to anyone. My whole hiatus from loving is kinda working I think. And just broken now. Oh well, back to just waiting. God knows when I will get what I exactly want and need. :)

1:14am. Erick Cua.