Uneasy. Nervous. Mixed emotions. Panic.


Yes, I’m experiencing this right this moment. Look it’s 2am in the morning and I’m still awake. Figures. I got an e-mail (and also a call) reminding me of my New Joiner’s Orientation (NJO). It is scheduled 10pm in the evening (sucks for a lot, but to me, I might like it having to be nocturnal). But whenever I see the pictures of known people in facebook showing their team with a smile I’m kinda wondering if I will fit in a group. I mean even though I was trained to be in one, I’m nervous on how to fit and keep a consistent with the peer group mark. I don’t know how to act because everything will be new to me. I can only pray to God that he guides me in that path, as he always does. This won’t be just for me now. I am done being a kid that runs around tagging, playing, feeling at ease, scared and happy altogether. For tonight, I become a man, and I promise to myself, my family, my friends and to God, that I will push through and succeed for everyone I love.


Chapter III. Fin.
The longest chapter awaits me.


June 2, 2013


June has arrived! Well.. a day ago. I wish it would rain. Summer really has taken a toll here in Manila. The weather has been awful. ~.~

I haz two stories. Well, topics, best described. Err, just hear the fool out.

Ever since my father came home, I feel like a kid again. For the last 7 years (or 8 as my mother dictates) my father has been abroad (Japan) working for my studies and our financial difficulties. All I had to do at home were responsibilities and as I said from the past, there were little or few affections going around. But now that my father resides right inside our home again, I have my mutual friend again, I felt like living back my 7 years a bit faster. I don’t know if it’s a shock to my father that in already 8 days, I am going to work. The last time he saw me, I was halfway through my first year in high school. But nonetheless, I will say this, I have never been so happy in my life that my father is home. :)

Next agenda is my hiatus on being Ted Mosby. I think it’s doing the best for me. For once in my life I am thinking about the future of myself. I want to succeed in my career like my sister (even though I know she’s tired working 12+ hours a day). I want to bring home the bacon too. They always said that I, being a graduate of Information Technology, will bring the wealth in the house. If that were a brag and if I were bragging, I swear I’d kill myself. But then again, that just pushes me to work hard. I’m lucky to get an opportunity to work. I hope being career-oriented pays off with my conversion.

Heart poured out! Thank you, Lord!

Ja ne~

-Erick. 10:39am.