Uneasy. Nervous. Mixed emotions. Panic.


Yes, I’m experiencing this right this moment. Look it’s 2am in the morning and I’m still awake. Figures. I got an e-mail (and also a call) reminding me of my New Joiner’s Orientation (NJO). It is scheduled 10pm in the evening (sucks for a lot, but to me, I might like it having to be nocturnal). But whenever I see the pictures of known people in facebook showing their team with a smile I’m kinda wondering if I will fit in a group. I mean even though I was trained to be in one, I’m nervous on how to fit and keep aΒ consistent with the peer groupΒ mark. I don’t know how to act because everything will be new to me. I can only pray to God that he guides me in that path, as he always does. This won’t be just for me now. I am done being a kid that runs around tagging, playing, feeling at ease, scared and happy altogether. For tonight, I become a man, and I promise to myself, my family, my friends and to God, that I will push through and succeed for everyone I love.


Chapter III.Β Fin.
The longest chapter awaits me.

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