November 19, 2013


What am I doing now? Hmm. Well, working for sure. But taking a break first. It has been a while since my heart has been squeezed on this chalkboard (theme). Well nothing is new, except the fact that I am getting tired of a repetitive lifestyle. Wake up, go to work (work is repetitive too), eat lunch, back to work, go home, play and sleep. I allure myself with new gadgets to suit the lifestyle I have now. I play basketball though on weekends. I guess this is what means to be living on my terms. Even though it’s nearly the same as the past, I guess for me this time is on me because I make all the decisions now. It’s been pretty easy lately, so I expect a storm coming.

Vaguely, I see myself growing old with this habit. My friends (Nate) told me that I look like a guy who sees love as a liability. That I will grow old a bachelor. An uncle which my nephews and nieces will look up onto as the single man having his midlife crisis. Which is fine by me though. On the contrary, I always saw myself as a hopeless romantic. I find cheesy things tolerable, I love watching movies and anime that are romantic, I always follow my heart and I live by the saying love conquers all. EQ > IQ. But when my friends told me that I would grow old a bachelor, it didn’t seem to make sense at first. But maybe it’s true. Maybe I’m just the guys who likes to see love all around without a significant other but with all the people around me. No secrets, no entails, no bullsh*t. I may not have a significant other waiting for me while I’m writing this blog. But I still think that girl is just around me. I used to make the first move, but I think it would be much more powerful if I met the girl halfway.

Hiatus done? Maybe so. I actually do like a girl at the moment. Having a chat with her. Is she it? I’ll never know. Because that’s how beautiful love is. It strikes when you least expect it.