Year Ender

Year 2014. 1:02 am.


And it’s a new year again. 2014. Happy New Year everyone! I wish everyone who could read this the best New Year they could ever had. We all had a lot of challenges we came through and a lot of moments to enjoy too. Everyone deserves a clean slate after it.


My 2013 has been as awesome as ever. First and foremost, graduating from personally the best University to ever graduate in, University of Santo Tomas. Although having multiple deficiencies, HRM, Cisco and one more P.E. subject, I managed to push myself as hard as I can to get my diploma within 4 years as the course dictates. I have never thought I could do it, but look where I am now. That erased the doubt I have for myself.


Second, getting a job 2 months after graduation. As all people know, it’s actually quite hard getting a job these days. You have a lot of rivals on every position and sometimes everyone has more experience that you have a fresh graduate. And here I am working in a prestigious company. I assume I am doing well in my life.


Third and last, I am extremely happy on the setting of my life. I have friends I can rely on. Friends that I could be with to enjoy every moment of my life. I am excited to start the 2nd to the last chapter of my life which is of course the longest one. I am forever grateful of the people I am close with now and I hope I continue to bond with them until the time ends. I am still uneasy sometimes but I am sure that I am never alone walking through this forsaken land of corrupt officials. Kidding. :)


The world is a scary place. But when you are with the best people (family and friends) everything is like the best moment of every day of every year. You just have to believe in them, in God and the people who are around you who are true to you. Happy New Year people! May the New Year become your best year and let you enjoy the life we are living in. God bless and stay safe. Include me in your prayers as I shall too! :)


Sadly, time to rest. There is work tomorrow. :| Ciao~


-Erick. 1:16 am.

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