January 22, 2014


Well, there’s been a lot going lately, can’t deny that I’ve never been so flustered since college. But looking at myself at this very moment, I feel so alive. The combination of emotions that is stirring up my mind is a combination I won’t ever forget. Anxiety, Hatred, Confusion, Disarray but also Happiness. The one thing I could tell is that out of all those feelings, the one at the end overshadows them.
That certain happiness is within grasp. Just near and warm that I can feel it every moment I breathe. Β The message is normal but it feels so real and full. I’m not sure if I should be fooled but yet I yearn to be. Yet this moment, I am appalled on what I should be doing next. I can only hope for the best and expect the bombardment of impending doom. There might come the time to realize that standing across from someone in a white majestic event will always and only be a dream to me. The current of ideas flowing through my mind are like destined to be still and stale all the time as I speak and listen and learn that how much I talk and do… *silence*

I have not given up though. The rest lies on the next steps to be taken in the waves of time. Here I stand, hear me hear me oh dear God. What am I to do?

-Erick 3:15pm.

3 thoughts on “January 22, 2014

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