5th Episode


*squeak squeak*

Man, this computer chair swivels loudly that I feel like in a horror movie waiting to get dragged out by a villain. It’s driving me insane. Oops, sorry about that, didn’t see you there (now, I sound Canadian) Haha. Alright, it’s been a while, as usual. I’ve been tearing it up non-stop at work and got a promotion. More like a title, as I don’t get a raise (dammit). But it’s still nice I guess, I’ll be leaving soon though. Need my priorities straight.

Speaking of priorities, I am, how do you say this, overly captivated on how my life has turned out today. It seems in just a few months I am living freely and blissful every single day. It’s been a looooooooong while since I have ever caught myself smiling at a random thought and shrugging everything else in the midst of the day, but I will say this: The feeling is ecstatic. The ratio of the problems I have to the events that get me through them, quantitatively is at a disadvantage. But nonetheless the power of the events skyrockets everything else and make me inhuman to the stress they give me. Incomparable. :) Although the fact that the news is new but the feeling is old, I am going to charge on and again, be the person I truly am. Not as to jinx it (I don’t believe it, but I wouldn’t take any chance), I wish that forever is just around the corner as I speak. Thank you for this day and I hope there is a next time. :D

Erick. 11:22pm.

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