Came across this while finding the meaning of dreams. Kinda had a weird one this day. Scary weird. :|

The good ol’ chase dream!  Everybody has experienced this type of dream at least once in their lives.  We are either chasing after something, or we are doing our best to escape something horrific.   The million dollar question is why are chase dreams so common and the reason behind them.
Psychologists tend to think that “chase dreams” occur when we are unable to cope with our fears and have trouble facing reality.

I was being chased by a killer along with my iTomasino group. I only saw Sam and Vina on this dream and it was very creepy. Since it was my dream, I guess I was steered on the good part as I hid in a place where he checked already. I thought I was in a  suspense horror film and I didn’t want that so I just decided to wake-up (yeah, have a skill like that, f yeah). I woke up feeling confused, but I’m alright now..

On another case while checking the site,

If your dream is that a friend is in love with you, your unconscious is trying to bring out the feelings in you that you are trying to suppress. You love your friend and need to let them know. He or she may die tomorrow and you would never forgive yourself for not finding out how they felt.

Hmm, I can’t say that I have experienced this a lot of times, but there was a day that I did. Might be an omen for something, but I think… time is ticking..

-Erick. 10:51am.

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