“Wag too much Dear ha? :)”
It’s amazing how you find true in the smallest, simplest way. Just reminding you that they know who you are wherever you go or whatever you do. Grateful here. :)




It’s kind of straightforward  if you see it clearly with prejudice. Like you’d want to fight for something easier rather than a hard one. But why not fight for the love you believe is worth it? And in turn when the one you are fighting for comes around, you create a new battle, and this time it’ll be you and your partner fighting for the love you’ve found. :) I’d like to think of it that way, even though it hurts every second of my life knowing I’m not even close to what I want to achieve, and I am giving maybe a bit more effort than I thought I could do. But that’s life. You just have to push and never give up.


I hope it’s true that you reap twice what you sacrifice on.


-Erick. 2:28pm.

How do you?

How do you mend someone’s dampened spirits?


Is it safe to judge every part of the environment and check on the values of the one you are helping, is it better to be optimistic and shrug off everything while you get hurt, or to listen attentively and just do nothing. Console. Comfort. Smile.


I am baffled. I want to do something, but I don’t know what and how. I’m walking through thin ice and I still don’t know how to walk on it. I just do, and it is surprisingly strong enough for me to path through. Have you ever wanted something that you are completely shrouded in how to get it?


I need a drink. *gets water*


Erick. 3:47pm