Where art thou, Confidence?

It’s been long day, without you my friend… (ehem). It’s been a while, right? Working my ass out, playing like never before and lounging out with my significant is majority of what’s happening in my life nowadays. What’s new, you ask? Well, I am thinking about a lot of events within the next months. Majority of them will comeĀ from work butĀ there other are plans that I need to think about. (JAPAN PLS!) I guess with all the days and nights passing, I do feel like I’m aging more and more each day. I wish time would stop so I can at least catch up, don’t make me too old to appreciate things XD


To be fairly honest, the environment in work is excellent, and in a way I know for a fact that I aidedĀ in that. I’ve probably made a name for myself, a persona, someone that they know and rely on and yet I still can’t comprehend how I did it. Maybe because there’s still a part of me that don’t believe it. Nonetheless, I hear it once in a while, which is good for motivation. I am trying to reach out to people to at least take care of something that I know is the biggest hindrance in moving up. Confidence. Whenever I do a task/experience something and get a feel of it, I tend to become more and more confident in which makes me reliable in that subject matter. But for more movement, I need to be active in doing more tasks and reaching new heights. But where do I start? How do I finish? How will I keep going? Can I do it? Will it stress me out?… I have these questions every single day.


It’s late in the evening. I need to walk this out and contemplate on what to do next. I need to find the spark that can let me meet confidence, eye to eye, face to face, and maybe, just maybe I may be able to incorporate it in me. Ciao, 11:40pm.


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