ARROW@10 Party!

ARROW has stayed strong throughout the years, starting out with 5 Agents and growing to what is now a flock of high performing people that act as gears to continue the legacy of Remote Operations. In it’s 10th year anniversary, there came a battle between 2 teams on August 4, 2016 in which sparked the interest of over 200 people to side with their chosen squad and defend their loyalty. Team Marvel vs Team DC.


In order to join, you must have at least an apparel or at most a full blown costume depicting what team you were in and part of the registration is to say which character you are from and what team is your character included on. The venue of the event took place in Central BBQ Boy Grill which was at Sheridan St. Pioneer, Mandaluyong City at 4pm. Early birds are encouraged as they will be awarded with prizes. Without further ado, let the battle begin!


The event was a combination of laughter, applause, cheers, pictures and smiles. With the hosts Madix and Keith up in the stage, sure enough it had an engaging program with the people grinning from end to end. Starting out with a game of finding the correct ARROW logo within the venue in which 10 logos were scattered in the obvious and subtle ways possible. In around 30 minutes, the winners were awarded and everyone got settled with their seats with their friends all around the table. The shout outs from different projects was next and specific people raised their hands when they were called, and right at the lower left of the stage, there was a non-stop line on the Photo booth. And then everyone glanced behind…


They saw Superman, Spiderman, Thor, Cat Woman, the real beings as they walk through the hallway at the center. Worn by Long Thao, Jay Yen, Matts Thekkanal and Leah Sta Ana, everyone was wowed and the venue became ecstatic with all the noise. Jay did the opening remarks for the time being while sporting his Spiderman suit inspiring the geeks on culture and thereafter the hosts talked about the history of ARROW where 5 Agents started it all. Agent #1 is Glenn Viola, Agent #2 is Rez Tutor, Agent #3 is Mark Mendoza, Agent #4 is Shaundy Castilar and Agent #5 is Michael Ulep. Not long after, the hosts urged us to get our food and enjoy eating. Raffles were done in between this giving away gadgets to the people lucky with their numbers.


A quiz bee was also set up which was about the history of the different tools that the projects used over the time they started. Fortunate enough there was a group of people that won with two of their members from the starting 5 (Rez and Shaundy) and everyone laughed and chimed as we were dumbfounded and insightful at the same time. Nicki Certeza also was crowned as Best Costume with her Cat Woman attire. Next agenda that we had was the video presentation that showed the quirks of the different projects in ARROW. People could not contain their laughter as Agents and Operations Support alike were dancing, singing, emoting, and acting out as much as they could in their program. The winner was Project JUMP and everyone applauded their jolly video. Recognition came soon, where the Top Operations Support were given certificates of their achievements throughout the FY16 and inspired many in the venue to become high performers. We also heard the voices of the Leadership Team greeting ARROW for it’s 10th Anniversary, those who came and those who could not. All in all, the people enjoyed the celebration, bonded with each member within their project and even friends outside the project as Ex-ARROW members were invited. All under one same roof, the best in the business, the gears that keeps our business afloat, the people that make Accenture Remote Resolution Online Workforce outstanding.


Oh by the way, DC wins as 70% of the attendees picked Team DC.


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