50 Deep Questions

Hi WordPress! Do you still remember me? I know I’m sorry I haven’t been typing a couple of months, but you’re in for a treat today. My SO, who knows me too well, is actually asking me to answer 50 questions she found somewhere in the internet. And me being someone who loves answering questions… (not too sure why) got excited about it all of a sudden. But you know, behave, I was still at work. Now, I’ve got some time to spare.. so here we go!

1. What did you think when you first met me? I just knew you were the quiet and intelligent type. I wasn’t as interested in you at first, but you won me over :P

2. What do you remember most about the night/day we first met? Honestly, I was just happy that time to get a new friend, a pretty one at that :)

3. What about our relationship makes you really happy? I can be me when I am with you. The struggles I had in my earlier years while using my happy facade is now replaced with ease. Thanks dear!

4. How long did you think our relationship would last when we first started dating? I’ve always thought we will last forever :)

5. If you had one word to describe our relationship what would it be? Silly :)

6. If you had one word to describe our love what would it be? Irrevocable:)

7. What’s your biggest fear for this relationship? That the love I am able to show you is not enough, and you leave me for it.

8. Do you believe there’s one person you’re ‘meant’ to be with? Yes.

9. Do you believe in fate? destiny? Yes. Yes.

10. What’s one difference between us that you absolutely love? You’re conservative :)

11. What’s one similarity between us that you absolutely love? We’re introverts :))

12. What about me made you fall in love? The smile you give me whenever I make you laugh :)

13. Is love something that scares you? Very much, yes.

14. What about love scares you? Losing it from someone important to me.

15. What’s your favorite memory of us? When we talked a whole lot at Trinoma in our Frozen date :)

16. What’s one thing you want to do together that we’ve never done before? Travel to Japan :(

17. If something happened where I had to move very far away, would you attempt long-distance? Or go our separate ways? Attempt of course, and win it :)

18. Where is your favorite place to be with me? Anywhere is the best, as long as you’re around :)

19. What’s one thing you’re scared to ask me, but really want to know the answer to? Am I really doing enough to make you feel happy and satisfied with our relationship?

20. What’s one thing you feel our relationship is lacking? Spontaneity, we’re not good at it XD

21. What’s your favorite non-physical quality about me? You’re very kind-hearted :)

22. What’s your favorite physical quality about me? You’re eyesmile :)

23. If our relationship ended, what’s the one thing about it you’d miss the most? Our goodnight messages…

24. Do you think you’ve been vulnerable in our relationship? Very.

25. What do you think was your most vulnerable moment in our relationship? That certain question about my ex…

26. Do you think I’ve been vulnerable in our relationship? Very.

27. What do you think has been the hands-down funniest moment since we started dating? Literally really funny each time I guess what you’re secret missions are about XD

28. What’s one quality about me that I see as a flaw that you absolutely love? Very emotional?

29. What’s one secret you’ve wanted to tell me, but haven’t? I’ll tell you someplace else XD

30. Do you think there’s such thing as the ‘right’ person for you? Yes.

31. Do you think I’m the ‘right’ person for you? (If yes) What about me makes me the ‘right’ person? Our chemistry is through the roof :)

32. If I said you could date other people, would you? Nay.

33. What do you think I’d say is your most attractive quality? Being a hopeless romantic.

34. What’s your favorite way to show affection? Kisses.

35. What’s your favorite way to receive affection? Kisses.

36. What’s one thing you think makes our relationship unique from everyone else’s? Our love is unique in our own. A rebel and a saint :)))

37. If you could change one thing about our relationship what would it be? Publicly appeased.

38. If we could go anywhere together right now, where would you want to go? Japan!!!

39. What do you think is your biggest strength in this relationship? We compromise within a day :)

40. What’s your biggest weakness in this relationship? We’re prone to miscommunication. 

41. Who do you think is the most affectionate in our relationship? I think it’s me?? You tell me :))

42. How do you think we both have changed since we first started dating? We aren’t as shy anymore with each other :)

43. What about us both is exactly the same since we first started dating? We’re still so silly XD

44. What’s one thing I do that makes you feel good, that you wish I did more? Pamper me :))

45. What’s one thing about your life you would never change for someone else, including me? Hate my family.

46. What about us do you think works well together? How do we balance each other out? You being conservative, and me not so much. It’s like I bring you out of your comfort zone and when I get tired, I get cozy inside your conservative bubble again :)))

47. What’s one thing you hope happens in the future of our relationship? Live peacefully, married, with our two kids.

48. What does love mean to you? A strong passion to care, understand and support another person.

49. What do I mean to you? My love.

50. What does this relationship mean to you? Everything.


ARROW@10 Party!

ARROW has stayed strong throughout the years, starting out with 5 Agents and growing to what is now a flock of high performing people that act as gears to continue the legacy of Remote Operations. In it’s 10th year anniversary, there came a battle between 2 teams on August 4, 2016 in which sparked the interest of over 200 people to side with their chosen squad and defend their loyalty. Team Marvel vs Team DC.


In order to join, you must have at least an apparel or at most a full blown costume depicting what team you were in and part of the registration is to say which character you are from and what team is your character included on. The venue of the event took place in Central BBQ Boy Grill which was at Sheridan St. Pioneer, Mandaluyong City at 4pm. Early birds are encouraged as they will be awarded with prizes. Without further ado, let the battle begin!


The event was a combination of laughter, applause, cheers, pictures and smiles. With the hosts Madix and Keith up in the stage, sure enough it had an engaging program with the people grinning from end to end. Starting out with a game of finding the correct ARROW logo within the venue in which 10 logos were scattered in the obvious and subtle ways possible. In around 30 minutes, the winners were awarded and everyone got settled with their seats with their friends all around the table. The shout outs from different projects was next and specific people raised their hands when they were called, and right at the lower left of the stage, there was a non-stop line on the Photo booth. And then everyone glanced behind…


They saw Superman, Spiderman, Thor, Cat Woman, the real beings as they walk through the hallway at the center. Worn by Long Thao, Jay Yen, Matts Thekkanal and Leah Sta Ana, everyone was wowed and the venue became ecstatic with all the noise. Jay did the opening remarks for the time being while sporting his Spiderman suit inspiring the geeks on culture and thereafter the hosts talked about the history of ARROW where 5 Agents started it all. Agent #1 is Glenn Viola, Agent #2 is Rez Tutor, Agent #3 is Mark Mendoza, Agent #4 is Shaundy Castilar and Agent #5 is Michael Ulep. Not long after, the hosts urged us to get our food and enjoy eating. Raffles were done in between this giving away gadgets to the people lucky with their numbers.


A quiz bee was also set up which was about the history of the different tools that the projects used over the time they started. Fortunate enough there was a group of people that won with two of their members from the starting 5 (Rez and Shaundy) and everyone laughed and chimed as we were dumbfounded and insightful at the same time. Nicki Certeza also was crowned as Best Costume with her Cat Woman attire. Next agenda that we had was the video presentation that showed the quirks of the different projects in ARROW. People could not contain their laughter as Agents and Operations Support alike were dancing, singing, emoting, and acting out as much as they could in their program. The winner was Project JUMP and everyone applauded their jolly video. Recognition came soon, where the Top Operations Support were given certificates of their achievements throughout the FY16 and inspired many in the venue to become high performers. We also heard the voices of the Leadership Team greeting ARROW for it’s 10th Anniversary, those who came and those who could not. All in all, the people enjoyed the celebration, bonded with each member within their project and even friends outside the project as Ex-ARROW members were invited. All under one same roof, the best in the business, the gears that keeps our business afloat, the people that make Accenture Remote Resolution Online Workforce outstanding.


Oh by the way, DC wins as 70% of the attendees picked Team DC.

Where art thou, Confidence?

It’s been long day, without you my friend… (ehem). It’s been a while, right? Working my ass out, playing like never before and lounging out with my significant is majority of what’s happening in my life nowadays. What’s new, you ask? Well, I am thinking about a lot of events within the next months. Majority of them will come from work but there other are plans that I need to think about. (JAPAN PLS!) I guess with all the days and nights passing, I do feel like I’m aging more and more each day. I wish time would stop so I can at least catch up, don’t make me too old to appreciate things XD


To be fairly honest, the environment in work is excellent, and in a way I know for a fact that I aided in that. I’ve probably made a name for myself, a persona, someone that they know and rely on and yet I still can’t comprehend how I did it. Maybe because there’s still a part of me that don’t believe it. Nonetheless, I hear it once in a while, which is good for motivation. I am trying to reach out to people to at least take care of something that I know is the biggest hindrance in moving up. Confidence. Whenever I do a task/experience something and get a feel of it, I tend to become more and more confident in which makes me reliable in that subject matter. But for more movement, I need to be active in doing more tasks and reaching new heights. But where do I start? How do I finish? How will I keep going? Can I do it? Will it stress me out?… I have these questions every single day.


It’s late in the evening. I need to walk this out and contemplate on what to do next. I need to find the spark that can let me meet confidence, eye to eye, face to face, and maybe, just maybe I may be able to incorporate it in me. Ciao, 11:40pm.

The Person

It’s the person not the feeling. :)


Have you ever wondered why there are different kinds of feelings you experience from different kinds of people? It’s because there is just one emotion that could be associated with different people. And the emotions are just there. They never change. What changes are the people around you. The people are unique and different. The attitude, perspective and everything, very different. That’s why the way you experience these emotions different from ever person. You are happiest here, saddest here, comfortable here, etc. And I have the highs and lows to one person only. :)


“I look at you every day (well, kinda, weekends siguro pictures haha) And I always see you as another girl. A different girl. A unique girl. Someone who is a cut above the rest. You are nice, cheerful, very mischievous (like me), God-fearing, strong and beautiful. And now I understand why even though there are other girls in the world, and some might be better in other aspects, I still see you differently from them. It’s because you have something they don’t have, and that is my love.”


Take care :)


Erick 6:52pm






It’s kind of straightforward  if you see it clearly with prejudice. Like you’d want to fight for something easier rather than a hard one. But why not fight for the love you believe is worth it? And in turn when the one you are fighting for comes around, you create a new battle, and this time it’ll be you and your partner fighting for the love you’ve found. :) I’d like to think of it that way, even though it hurts every second of my life knowing I’m not even close to what I want to achieve, and I am giving maybe a bit more effort than I thought I could do. But that’s life. You just have to push and never give up.


I hope it’s true that you reap twice what you sacrifice on.


-Erick. 2:28pm.

How do you?

How do you mend someone’s dampened spirits?


Is it safe to judge every part of the environment and check on the values of the one you are helping, is it better to be optimistic and shrug off everything while you get hurt, or to listen attentively and just do nothing. Console. Comfort. Smile.


I am baffled. I want to do something, but I don’t know what and how. I’m walking through thin ice and I still don’t know how to walk on it. I just do, and it is surprisingly strong enough for me to path through. Have you ever wanted something that you are completely shrouded in how to get it?


I need a drink. *gets water*


Erick. 3:47pm


Came across this while finding the meaning of dreams. Kinda had a weird one this day. Scary weird. :|

The good ol’ chase dream!  Everybody has experienced this type of dream at least once in their lives.  We are either chasing after something, or we are doing our best to escape something horrific.   The million dollar question is why are chase dreams so common and the reason behind them.
Psychologists tend to think that “chase dreams” occur when we are unable to cope with our fears and have trouble facing reality.

I was being chased by a killer along with my iTomasino group. I only saw Sam and Vina on this dream and it was very creepy. Since it was my dream, I guess I was steered on the good part as I hid in a place where he checked already. I thought I was in a  suspense horror film and I didn’t want that so I just decided to wake-up (yeah, have a skill like that, f yeah). I woke up feeling confused, but I’m alright now..

On another case while checking the site,

If your dream is that a friend is in love with you, your unconscious is trying to bring out the feelings in you that you are trying to suppress. You love your friend and need to let them know. He or she may die tomorrow and you would never forgive yourself for not finding out how they felt.

Hmm, I can’t say that I have experienced this a lot of times, but there was a day that I did. Might be an omen for something, but I think… time is ticking..

-Erick. 10:51am.