Auditor√® Family – Granado Espada

Grazella Auditore

Auditorè Family

Family Level: 51 (+3) 62%

[SmallTown Faction]

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Total Playing Time: Approx 1 year+8 months

Total Pesos Used: Approx  14,820 PhP


Close Friends inside the game:

Jarvin Ylagan (CollyWobbles formerly MajesticSky)

Pons Cutanda (Vaustus formerly Voltain)

Renz Szanelle Cruz (BernkasterlXII formerlyAvicci)


Past Factions:






Assassins (1st Barracks)


 Vicario Auditorè (Veil) РMaster 15

 Aira Auditorè (Calyce) РMaster 14

 Rivado Auditorè (Rascel Targa) РMaster 13

 Emilia Auditorè (Emilia Guliano) РMaster 12

Chanel Auditorè (Veronif ) РMaster 11

 Celestina Auditorè (Cadet Adriana) РMaster 11

 Serafina Auditorè (Musketeer) РMaster 11

 Mario Auditorè (Scout) Р Master 11

 Grazella Auditorè (Grandies) РMaster 1


South Flank (2nd Barracks)


 Clarissa Auditorè (Valeria) РMaster 8

Lorelie Auditor√®¬†(Feng Yun) –¬†Master¬†7

 Rico Vicente Auditorè (Ion Felipe) РMaster 6

Iniga Auditorè (Ludin Von Hanen) РMaster 2

 Amato Auditorè (Raven) РMaster 2

 Eufemia Auditorè (Idge the Battlesmith) РMaster 2

Star Auditorè (Brunie Etienne) РMaster 2

 Camila Auditorè (Catherine Torsche) РMaster 1

 Aurick Auditorè (Irawain) РMaster 1


Frontline (3rd Barracks)


¬†Cara¬†Auditor√®¬†(Marie) –¬†Master 1

¬†Veretta Auditor√®¬†(Grace Bernelli) –¬†Master 1

¬†Anzia¬†Auditor√®¬†(Selva Norte) –¬†Master 1

¬†Cath¬†Auditor√®¬†(Catherine the Summoner) –¬†Master 1

¬†Warre¬†Auditor√®¬†(Barrel) –¬†Master 1

¬†Serafino¬†Auditor√®¬†(Musketeer) –¬†Master 1

 Kira Auditorè (Emilia the Reckless) РMaster 1

¬†Ponciano Auditor√®¬†(Soho the Wind) –¬†Master 1

¬†Eric¬†Auditor√®¬†(Judgement Day) –¬†Expert 2


Support Line (4th Barracks)


¬†Romina¬†Auditor√®¬†(Romina) –¬†Expert 9

¬†Amalia Auditor√® (Adriana) –¬†Expert 3

 Ania Auditorè (Ania) РExpert 3

 Guiseppe Auditorè (Vincent) РExpert 2

 Contessa Auditorè (Elisa) РExpert 1

¬†Nathalia Auditor√®¬†(Elementalist) –¬†Expert¬†1

Vicenzo¬†Auditor√®¬†(Gavin) –¬†Expert¬†1

¬†Rosabella¬†Auditor√®¬†(Lisa Lynway) –¬†Expert¬†1

¬†Brutos Auditor√® (Nar) –¬†Expert¬†1


Left Flank (5th Barracks)


 Jarcovic Auditorè (Jack Shirley) РExpert 3

Claudio Auditorè (Cruise) РExpert 1

Savina Auditorè (Fighter) РExpert 1

Orazio Auditorè (Lorch Furholden) РVeteran 4

Elettra Auditorè (Idge Imbrulia) РVeteran 3

Nereza  Auditorè (2nd Idge Imbrulia) РVeteran 3

Lestat Auditorè (Kurt) РVeteran 2

Matteotti Auditorè (Panfilo the Battlecook) РVeteran 1

Anetta  Auditorè (Adelina the Pirate) РVeteran 1


Right Flank (6th Barracks)


 Angie Auditorè (Angie Shirley) РVeteran 8

Cassandra Auditorè (Claire) РVeteran 1

Gracielo Auditorè (Gracielo) РVeteran 1

Amber Auditorè (Wizard) РVeteran 1

Desmond Auditorè (Coimbra Trooper) РVeteran 1

Amatore Auditorè (Viki) РVeteran 1

Andre Auditorè (Andre) РVeteran 1

Froy Auditorè (Reboldoeux Soldier) РVeteran 1

Jarvin Auditorè (Baek Ho) РVeteran 1


Pawns (7th Barracks)


¬†Cheyenne Auditor√®¬†(2nd Clayce) –¬†Expert 1

Allison Auditorè (Marchetti) РVeteran 1

Pierce Auditorè (Jean Pierre Gascon) РVeteran 1

Altair Auditorè (Lionel Von Hanen) РVeteran 1

Chiarina Auditorè (Daria) РVeteran 1

Capricia Auditorè (Natalie) РVeteran 1

Dario Auditorè (Diego the Carpenter) РVeteran 1

Fengling Auditorè (Feng Ling) РVeteran 1

Marc Pons Auditorè (Claude Baudez) РVeteran 1


Slaves (8th Barracks)


 Neviro Auditorè (Najib Sharif) РVeteran 1

Ciro Clemente Auditorè (Alejandro) РVeteran 1

Kobe¬†Auditor√® (M’Boma) – Veteran 1



Souveran forerver :)